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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

This Has Gone Too Far......

I know that gas prices are high. I know that there is a cascading impact on the rest of the economy (libs, reference trickle down economics. It works the same way except with positive results). I know a good many people are having to tighten up their budgets in places where they don't want to tighten.

But people, please, just don't participate in the recession. I refuse to participate. I am a bit smarter about my driving habits, but I still drive to work and to Civitan meetings and all the other places I went before. I am going to live my life the same as I did before, just a little smarter perhaps.

The stock market crash in 1929 was unnecessary. People responded in panic to a psychological trigger, not a logical trigger. It was the panic that lead to the Great Depression, not a true state of our economy. The same is happening now. People have stopped spending money because we are oil thirsty and because a whole bunch of people made a dumb decision about their mortgages. Nothing more. No section of the economy has failed, no country is threatening our shores....

So now we have reached a serious problem. Starbucks is closing 600 stores! I have now had my caffeine potentially interrupted and this cannot stand! I hope that my favorite store is not one that is going to be boarded up, but one never knows. What I do know is that Starbucks sales are down because of gas prices.

People, don't take away my fuel just because your car has become expensive. Get out and buy a Starbucks today, just for me!

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Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOL - My wife was worried, but I reminded her that the Starsucks near us is 15 miles from the next closest one.

On a more serious note, I b!tch about the gas prices, but I shouldn't. My wife travels a lot for work, and her company reimburses her 100% for all money spent on gas. Combine that with my very light work/travel, and we are paying pretty much what we paid 3 or 4 years ago for gas.

I'm completely detached. Like you though, we are able to absorb the higher prices in everything else. I do feel for the other people who can't.

Anonymous said...

LOL I prefer Big Mountain over Starbucks, esp since it's closer, but that's beside the point.

We are able to absorb the higher costs, too, but aren't happy about it. Still, we gotta eat, gotta have new socks, gotta go to the library, etc.

My husband's cycling hobby alone could keep the economy afloat.

rockync said...

For those of us who remember the "good" years, 50s & 60s & 90s followed by the "bad" years, 70s & 80s and now 2000s with rising costs and gas lines, this becomes not a time to panic but just to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. Back in the early 80s I had a mortgage at 14% and we were trying to raise four boys! The housing market was in a shambles back then, too.
I think what concerns me most is that we manufacture so little here now. And, without an export product, recovery may be harder and slower.
But I am ever optimistic that we Americans will survive and climb back out of the hole as we have always done.

Kvatch said...

Don't drive...don't own a car, and until my local transit systems start raising fares--and believe me I do know it's coming--I just grin every time I pass a gas station.

(How unbearably smug is that?!)

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Guys guys guys...I know the bad years! I will make a post tomorrow about a story from the bad years...I think I related it a year or two ago.

We can and will rise above a recession...BUT DAMMIT, We can't rise above the absence of Starbucks! Imagine the chaos if I organize a "Million Decaffeinated Man March on Washington"!!!!! What will happen? You thought Woodstock was about a millon guys on the mall with no decent coffee....

Anonymous said...

"Million Decaffeinated Man March on Washington"!!!!!

Robert, don't do it man. For the love of the bean, don't do it. Some days I wish the Nations Capital could be relocated to Columbus or someplace more far, far away from me ;)

People from outside of the region tell me I take where I live for granted. I tell them they have never been around to see the ripple effect caused by a large march on DC.

rockync said...

LOL! Sorry but I hate Starbucks coffee! I think it's awful. I make my own cappuccino at home.

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