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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Please Excuse The Noise, The Firearm You Hear Is The Sound Of Freedom

And a bullet to the heart of experimental socialism and liberalism. In one of the most brilliant rulings in its history, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Washington, D.C. restriction of private ownership of most firearms. A split 5-4 decision, but a win for good across the land!

The District of Columbia had a restriction against owning handguns, and residents could own rifles and shotguns as long as they were either disassembled or equipped with trigger locks. Did I mention that they must be unloaded? A unloaded shotgun is as effective as a stapler without staples. As the saying goes, there is nothing more useless than an unloaded weapon.

And so the rights of man have been re-established in the place that rules the free world. I have always thought that a bit ironic, that the city that provides freedom to millions of others around the world denies it for its own citizens. There is no greater responsibility for an adult than to protect the family. For too long people in D.C. have been unable to fulfill this duty.

From the title link: "Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., a leading gun control advocate in Congress, criticized the ruling. "I believe the people of this great country will be less safe because of it," she said."

I make my prediction now, so write it down and be prepared to reference it. In 2009 when the FBI releases the 2008 Uniform Crime Reports, violent crimes will be on a downward trend over the statistics from not just last year, but compared to the first six months of this year as well. in 2010 when the 2009 reports are released, then violent crime in the District will be down by 25-30%. Staggering numbers, are they not? There is precedence for this type of prediction. In Kennesaw, Georgia a law was enacted that requires homeowners to own a firearm in their home. Similar numbers were reported and an incredible drop in crime for Kennesaw, despite being a suburb of Atlanta.

No matter what the analysts and politicians say, no matter your personal comfort level with firearms, the good guys won one today. One of the purposes of the Second Amendment is to prevent government from getting out of control. Critics say that today the notion of an armed citizenry standing firm against modern technology and our military is absurd.

If you hear anyone say this, tell them to look at Iraq.

5 Posts From Readers:

dons_mind said...

better yet - tell them to MOVE to iraq!

today's decision is a good one - but we can't forget it was 5-4 - this supreme court came THAT close to taking away a constitutional right by issuing a decision on a purely political issue....the day after they seriously stepped on state's rights.....

heidianne jackson said...

i blogged on this when the decision came across the wire, this morning. this is such a great day. but we must all stand strong to insure against the eroding of others of our freedom.

heidianne jackson

Anonymous said...

Chalk one up for the Gipper

Anonymous said...

The "gun control" issue is so tough for me, since I can't imagine I would ever feel safe having one in my home with little kids. HOWEVER, since I value LIBERTY more than I value safety, I realize it must be so. I think preserving and upholding the Constitution is the primary responsibility of our nation's citizens, and I was glad to hear this in the news. As the bumper sticker says, "criminals prefer unarmed victims."

Anonymous said...

More time, money, and effort needs to go into getting illegal weapons off the street. Then the nation can debate the ownership issue to their hearts content later.

Priorities man, priorities. I was around for the DC bloodbath that was the eighties. It spilled over into neighboring VA and MD counties , and was 90% drug related.

Most argue that todays violence is mostly gang related. I can only say think about that. How do gangs earn their scratch.

Resolving the real issue is going to take social change, social programs. Social programs that were in existence in 90's when the crime stats started dropping, but are gone today. Factor that into your research.

I've spent my whole life moving farther and farther from the city. I'm tired of moving. Next stop, Wyoming compound?

I could go on all night...sorry, I'm well rested from vacation.

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