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Friday, September 07, 2007

Two boycotts In One Week - A Personal Record

Hollywood is once again spitting on the American military but ruining an American icon. Click HERE to see how G.I. Joe is being lost to political correctness and left wing nutcases.

I will boycott Hasbro, and I will boycott Paramount if this happens. At the moment I am red in the face and too angry to write more. I will update this post later, but get this word out. It is a travesty. As a Marine combat veteran I am borderline offended and insulted. I have never taken anything like this personally, but this time I am. This is Americana! I can't even pass on this to my son with any pride now.

I will be starting a personal campaign to forbid the Pentagon from assisting with this movie. I will be emailing my congressmen and senators today as the first step.

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Anonymous said...

It is a travesty. Another way that the politically correct world is slowly taking over. I'm so tired of it and am glad you are taking steps to do something about it. I certainly will be following your lead. Little by little they are taking the America out of being an American.

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