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Friday, September 07, 2007

Extending Credit Where It Is Due

I saw a story on FoxNews a little while ago that showed a new rehab facility at Walter Reed Army Hospital that serves our returning warriors. It is an impressive place where prosthetic limbs are fitted and these brave souls learn to make a new life with new limbs.

Major David Rozelle US Army, is a below the knee amputee that made history by returning to combat with a prosthetic limb. He chose to return, for anyone who doubts the sense of duty instilled - or inherent - in our heroes.

I didn't realize it, but Walter Reed will be closing in a couple of years in favor of a new facility. The Army decided that it could not wait until the new facility was constructed to open a rehab 's center, so Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) worked to obtain $10 million for it's construction.

We all know that Murtha is left a wing caricature, but in this instance he shunned his defeatist side and spent his efforts to support our troops.

A rousing Semper Fi to Murtha, and my apologies for not knowing this story earlier.

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