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Friday, September 07, 2007

Bin Laden To Release New Video - It Is A Good Thing

According to several reports there will be a new video from Usama bin Laden (UBL) in the coming days to coincide with September 11. It is a big news story, of course, but don't pay any attention to it except tp recognize it as a good thing to keep Americans honest about the terror threat.

The concern is always that these videos are a "trigger" for a new attack. There is no historical evidence that this is the case, although they are usually released to coincide with a political happening or the anniversary of a terrorism related event. The intelligence community will be scrutinizing the video for many things, including hints on the location of the video, any background noises, the clothes he is wearing, the words he uses, and the editing of the tape. There have been several videos released that included old footage and was not new. It is possible that in this world of digital computerism that this new video will simply be changed, such as coloring an old video of him to make it look like his beard has been dyed and he is still around.

This can provide clues to his whereabouts, or it can once again leave the community doubting whether he is even still alive.

Even if this tape is new, it doesn't mean a great deal considering the successes during the last week in Denmark and Germany. It isn't beyond the line of reasonable that this new tape was intended to mark an attack in Germany, and the arrests make it obsolete.

This tape will remind those Americans who watch the news that there is still an active threat to us and that we have to keep ourselves honest and not become complacent. Of course, we all know that has already happened across the country and specifically in the blue states.

Watch the tape and watch for the analysis. We may still learn something interesting from it.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what's going to come out of this any more than you do. Everything regarding OBL is speculation. Do I think there will be a genuine tape of him, probably not. I doubt that he is even alive.

You are right regarding your comments about the tape. Whether this is real or not, we still need to realize that there is a great threat still there and to ignore it would be at the least stupid and the worst, deadly! Kudos, for Germany preventing the attack. I just hope we can do so on our own soil if necessary!

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