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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Except for Starbucks, Seattle is wacko!

And I guess it can be argued that $4.00 for a fru-fru coffee isn't exactly sane, but I am addicted to Starbucks coffee. Normally I just get a regular old coffee of the day, but once in a while I splurge.

Anyway, the following info sounds great to kids, but parents really should know better. This is the type of activity that is at the heart of the modern left wing:

No Assignments, No Tests

Meanwhile there is a school is the Seattle area where no one has to worry about the sensitivities of the students, because there are no assignments, no tests, and no formal classes.

The Seattle Times reports The Clearwater School lets students do whatever they want — study anything or nothing — and allows them come and go as they please. It is a throwback to the sixties and seventies philosophy of "free" or "Democratic" schools.

But even harsh critics of public education say the school is too radical for them. And what do parents pay for this non-teaching, non-testing education? More than $5,500 per year.

2 Posts From Readers:

BB-Idaho said...

A little more on Clearwater here: Privatization run amuck....

Robert said...

Thanks, Idaho! It was interesting to see that they have 17 (100%) ungraded students. How in the world can you know if you have succeeded without testing?

There is some comfort in that this is such a small school.

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