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Friday, February 09, 2007

Why Do People Tolerate This Type Of Government Intrusion?

Philadelphia has banned the use of trans fats for cooking. Supposedly, trans fats raise bad cholesterol and lower the good, and that is bad for our health. But why is it the business of government to legislate these things?

I find it difficult to believe that even liberals encourage this kind of activity. I personally could care less about trans fats. I need to lose a few pounds, but when I pull through the drive through at McDonalds because my kids want a Happy Meal for supper, I know that it is not on my diet plan. There is a reason that people who jog don't do it on the way to the golden arches.

We don't always do what is best for us. When I was still on active duty, I could run my 3 mile physical fitness test in about 20 minutes. Not setting the world on fire at 20, as many of my friends could do it in 16 minutes, but it was well below the maximum allowed time of 28 minutes, and just above the 18 minute mark that gave a perfect score. When I took off the BDUs for the last time and took the flight home, I didn't give my physical condition a second thought. I was a lean, mean, fighting machine, and was Marine all the way through.

So I got home and realized that I sure loved mama's fried chicken. The first morning at home I woke up, and decided to take a little break from those 3 days a week runs that I was accustomed to and put my running shoes in the closet. I think they are still there and have never been moved. I entered law enforcement and then got married and went to school and had kids and before I knew it I was not as lean, not as mean, and really didn't care that much.

Now mind you, I am not a slob who is Jabba the Hut. I could drop 20 pounds and feel better, but I am in no danger of my heart exploding from obesity. I know when I drive through the fast food place that it isn't going to help with those 20 pounds, and it is another night that I am going to put off doing sit-ups. I guess it is some good news that my french fries may be less damaging than they were last week, but they sure won't taste as good.

But why does government feel the need to intrude on fast food? What happens when they decide to ban ice cream, or snickers bars, or soft drinks? How much is too much? How much is too far?

I am a grown man. I make my own decisions. If I choose to eat trans fats 10 meals a day, that is my choice. Why are we trusting government with these decisions? They can't even cut the fat from their own egos; surely they have no business keeping me from a Big Mac.

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BB-Idaho said...

I'm liberal on most issues, but I agree gov't goes to far on these things (also a criminal pipe smoker). A lot of people don't understand that transfats are synthetic, hydrogenated. I noticed a long time ago that they
ruined frenchfries, but the attraction was shelf-life extension
and the 'crispiness' our kids have learned to love. I stopped eating transfat frenchries because they
were awful, not because they were
unhealthy. Now, I'm not sure how
much transfat is in a BigMac, but
I homeland fat police between me and my two all-meat patties on a sesameseed bun. Hey,
we got political unanaminity!

Robert said...

I am dating myself, but I remember the song from the commercials:

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

When I order my Big Mac, I sure don't care how much fat is in it. I might regret them when I am 75, but I promise that I won't sue anyone over it.

My real favorite at the arches is the double cheeseburger. i am not sure why, but it is.

Obob said...

the greatest burger ever if the "Monster" at Hardees.
Two Quarter Pounders
You can hear your arteries constrict with every bite. Murder on my points in Weight Watchers

Truth-Pain said...

Thats what happens when "super size me" the movie becomes the shining mecca for food activists to rally around.....

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