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Monday, February 12, 2007

Libs Obstruct Diplomatic Efforts Against Iran

The news over the weekend was that Iran has been supplying weapons to the Iraqi insurgency. Is there anyone who is surprised by this? If there is, then you need to either watch more news and analysis, or watch different news and analysis. That CNN stuff is bad for your brain.

The left is already screaming that the President is preparing for another was. Actually, they have been screaming about this for months. For some reason, they can't seem to understand that there are real threats out there, and there are people who desire to see us die. Realize that I am giving them the benefit of the doubt by calling them uneducated, uninformed, and basically stupid. I could be exercising the other option and saying that they are being traitorous, but I didn't see the need for name calling.

The use of the military is a form of democracy. The military is an extension of policy. When diplomatic efforts fail, or a crisis erupts and needs stabilized, we turn to our Marines. Unfortunately, the left wants to take away the option of using the military before the dance even starts.

Iran is killing Americans. Iran has threatened to kill more. Iran wants to push Israel into the sea (Ahmadinejad's words, not mine). Shouldn't that make us angry? It does me, but shouldn't every American, regardless of political bent, get angry and demand action? It should, but it seems as if the left prefers to tuck tail and run. But here is the thing that makes this worse - If military action is the big stick when the carrot isn't taken, and you take away the pressure of our Marines storming your beach, or the Navy dropping cruise missiles on Sunday dinner, what possible rationale do you have to play nice? Iran knows that in a conventional war we would clean their clocks in about the amount of time it took to get to Baghdad in 2003. There has never been a more capable military in history. There have never been brighter people wearing a uniform than those today. Living int the desert also breeds a certain amount of rage, and by the time troops are unleashed they are more than mentally prepared to get it over with.

Would we have problems occupying Iran? Of course. It would be almost as nasty as Iraq is currently. But we could whip them in precious little time. Do we want to go to war? Of course not. No one wants any way, much less one just the other side of the mountains from the one we have now.

The biggest mistake we can make as a country at this point is to remove the threat of military action from the minds of a country who would annihilate us overnight if they could. They saw what we did to the Iraqi military on two occasions. I don't think that a war against Iran is on the table at the moment, but the Iranians don't need to know that.

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Maggie M. Thornton said...

The silence is deafening when it comes to attacks on Israel. Democrats will pander to Ahmadinejad, Diane Sawyer will interview him (I think Paula Zahn did also) under the guise of unveiling his evil to their viewers who are blind to the truth, anyway - but, it's a public service you see. Show the photo of him with our imprisoned Embassy employees, absolutely not. I don't know how Israel can stand it.

Good article. (Loved the tunes.)
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