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Friday, February 09, 2007

I Can't Escape Anna Nichole Smith

My thoughts and prayers are with her daughter today. It is sad that a beautiful child will grow up and never know her mother. Her sole impression will be what she googles to find out later in life.

Anna Nichole was just a year younger than I, and lived a sometimes enviable, sometimes pitiable life. She was a truly beautiful woman in years past, the perfect statuesque blond that is an icon of America. She was becoming less so as she was controlled by whatever substances she used to cope with both fame and depression. Her life has been an open book for all to see, and virtually everyone knew something about the train wreck that was that life.

When she died yesterday, the media was flooded with ANS coverage. Even FoxNews covered this virtually every minute of the afternoon. I listened to the initial reports, but after about an hour I had enough of it. I can never understand how someone with the access to such as wonderful life finds it necessary to escape reality and make such a mess of their lives. I guess the idea of a wonderful life is subjective; however, being adored by millions with the ability to jet-set and enjoy the company of anyone you desire seems pretty wonderful to me. I don't think she had to wonder where the groceries were coming from, or clipping coupons to help save for a Disneyworld vacation.

Which brings me to the observation of the day, which is by no way unique to me. We the people spend way too much time paying attention to celebrities and not enough time to the things that make a difference in our society. Anna Nichole was famous because she was famous. She exercised no unique talents, and capitalized on her physical appearance virtually her entire life. But this phenomena isn't unique to ANS, it applies to everyone in the public eye. How many actors have offered their advice on public policy? How many have been placed in front of a camera to discuss international relations and how the U.S. exports evil and racism and war?

For some strange reason, people are drawn to other people who are in the media. The same people who won't watch a news commentary on the most important political items of the day are the same ones who will sit for hours and watch entertainment reports and stupid "reality shows" which are everything but real. The country is dealing with important issues every day that affect everyone. yet the only opinion many have formulated is that which he/she hears Tom Cruise espouse on Oprah.

Perhaps my take on this is wrong. maybe some of us simply have a higher tolerance for serious items and discussing the frustrating political arena. Maybe the time spent focusing on celebrities is a form of envy that allows for escape from the reality of life. I don't know.

I just know that until last week, I had no idea who Lindsey Lohan was to what she did. I didn't even know what Paris Hilton looked like until a few months ago when I saw a commercial where she was washing a car or something. I make it a point to ignore as much of these people as possible.

Now Ted Kennedy, he is worth watching........

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

If Ted Kennedy and Anna Nichol had met she would have met her demise in a totally different way. After all ted's such a GREAT driver!

I like you feel for the Dght and the years of crap she will face because of the excesses of her mom. I don't get the 24/7 post death watch and the memorium as if she were a President or world dignitary. Her life was tragic and sad and it's a shame it was wasted away as it was but she by no means was an icon. I mean Bob Hope had far less than this and he was an Icon.

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