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Friday, February 16, 2007

Ready For April 15th?

Income tax filing time is here again, and I completed mine this past weekend. During this season, be especially mindful of the news stories that describe government spending and the wasted programs and projects that are funded.

I am fortunate in that I receive a refund every year. Most of it is due to the child tax credit and deductible mortgage interest, plus I get a HOPE credit for college tuition. I have tweaked my withholding to the extent that I come out pretty even on the tax part. I guarantee that my refund will go immediately back in the economy, as opposed to government spending that simply distributes the money. I think we might buy one of those "Sleep Number Beds" that I hear so much about. Our current mattress is due for replacement. My days of sleeping on rocks without trouble are over.

Be mindful of government spending. There was a discussion on another blog about this, but I don't remember where it was posted. I relayed an anecdotal example of how the government has created so many rules of procurement that the fed spends almost $8.00 for a can of Lysol that I could get at Walmart for $4.00. Not quite the level of the $600 hammer, but it illustrates how the government is far from responsible with out money and could care less. In my experience, most government workers are mindful of the money they spend. As individuals they are shocked and disappointed in the control of spending. However, there is nothing that can be done about it because of the Congress.

Unfortunately, the GOP has squandered their 12 year opportunity to make good decisions and correct many of the problems. I am anxiously awaiting the next Reagan minded conservative to step up and captivate me.

Anyone have Newt's number on hand?

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Marie's Two Cents said...

I know I will be getting my usual return minus the child care credit because my last baby isnt a baby anymore so there that goes (Nice while it lasted :-)

LOL I dont have Newt's number but as far as I can tell he is the ONLY one out there so far that is even close to being a Reagan Conservative. Although he isnt running (Yet). He must have something in mind because my youngest son who work's for Chesapeake Energy Co. here in Oklahoma City missed meeting Newt by just a few minutes a few months ago. So he is canvasing around or at least visiting Energy companies lol.

I cant believe we are already being pushed into the Presidential election season so early.

And at this moment I am confused on who my pick would be, everyone I like isnt running.

Oh well it's still early. I think

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