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Friday, February 16, 2007

Have People Lost All Sense Of Shame?

I am tired of the media coverage about Anna Nichole Smith(ANS). She was a gorgeous woman, and a celebrity because of an abnormal lifestyle. It is sad that there has been so much press time dedicated to her demise and the after effects.

I am angry though about the circus that has ensued following her death. There is a long list of people whose greed has taken hold of their souls, and now they are embarrassing themselves daily. There has been more than one court hearing about who is the legal next of kin, who should be granted her body for burial, and who is the father of her child. ANS has a five month old child who is claimed by every male on the planet except for me, I think. Here is where my anger begins: Not a single one of those men bothered to have asserted paternity until after ANS died, and because of the potential of the little one to inherit $487 million dollars or more, everyone now wants custody.

It is sad enough that the child has no parents. It is sad that the only things she will know about her mother are some videotapes of a stupid "reality show" and some yellowed copies of a Playboy magazine (and a million pictures on the internet). It is maddening that there has been no exercise of responsibility for this child.

Have people no shame? Yesterday it was cold outside, and my daughter and son decided to go outside after school and play. I was busy with some domestic chore and when they asked I simply said yes. About a half hour later I peeked out the window and they were not wearing jackets. I was ill with myself for not making sure that they were properly attired for the weather when I told them they could go outside. Had my mama been there I would have been in big trouble.

But to ignore a child until there is the potential for money to be had? None of these people cared for ANS when she was alive, and none of them care about her now that she is deceased. This is why it is so disgusting that people are fascinated with celebrities. The people are disingenuous and dishonest. They can't handle their own responsibilities, why do people care what they think about international and domestic policy? Why do we even give them a platform other than the movie screen?

I hope someone honestly steps up and cares for little Danielynn. She deserves more than she will probably receive.

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Marie's Two Cents said...

I think the Media Obsession with Anna is that she was like Watching a Trainwreck in Progress!

What's truly sad is that, that IS what everyone around her did, "Watch" instead of interveining in this trainwreck which was unfortunately her life.

I bet there are alot more men to come out of the woodwork to claim they are the father of that poor little baby.

All we can do is pray for that baby.

I think the media wont let go of this for a while because there are so many legal issues that are still not resolved.

What a mess.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

This has become so big because it plays to what is now deemed as, "journalism." Today's ,"journalists," even on important subjects are nothing more than tabloid jornalists. This obsession with Smith plays perfectly into this new form of media.

I agree that it is disgusting that her child now has become a focus for a money grap by 5 men and who knows who else will come forth. The Baby had no choice in this!

It's also disgusting that there has to be a court battle to just bury her. She may not have had much dignity in life but most everyone deserves dignity in death and even that has been taken away as they battle for her money through the child.

Pamela Reece said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and glad I found yours, Robert! Great minds think alike!!

Now, not only do we have to repeatedly hear about ANS but BS (Britney Spears) and her bald head. Like that makes the world different?

Good grief, says Charlie Brown and Good grief say I! Move on to more important issues, MSM, and stop shoving these out of control, pathetic losers down our throats. I don't care, my children don't care and any American who is not living under a rock doesn't care!

Blech!! :-)

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Anna who? Oh, her, the one who slept around too much. . . who cares?

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