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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State Of The Union

The President probably gave the best SOU speech of his presidency. He was relaxed, appeared confident, and extremely presidential.

All that said, I wish that he had brought up many of these things a year or two ago. Disposing of earmarks is something that needed done decades ago, and I hope that it gets done now. I seriously doubt it will happen, as both parties have made themselves confortable with them, but I reserve a small glimmer of optimism.

Iraq is the dominant theme, regardless of the domestic agenda. I think the democrat party acted childish an un-American tonight. A week ago I posted about the number of democrats who want the President's Iraq policy to fail. Tonight, the President talked about vicotry in Iraq, and the left side of the aisle refused to applaud. REFUSED to applaud a part of the speech that talked about American success.

Of course, the dems will refuse the President's proposals, not because they don't want them, but because it doesn't serve their political fortunes. Dispicable.

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Nicho said...

I still can't get past your first sentence. Not one of the commentators I heard said anything of the sort. At best they spoke of the Preznit speaking in a hostile environment. At worst they spoke of his tone being palpably different.

It was really nice for him to address earmarks - since the congress made that part of their first 100 hours and have already passed said legislation in the house. Real ballsy.

I'm actually curious to get your reaction to him uttering the words "global climate change". It's my understanding that conservatives consider that about as real as the Easter Bunny. Seriously though I was impressed that he bit that bullet since he's dodged so many others.

What I was very impressed with was Sen. Jim Webb's delivery of the Democratic response. He's not a polished speaker but - let's be honest - neither is Bush. What really impressed me was how well that response came off from an arguably flat delivery. I heard Webb wrote it after turning away the official response penned by the Dems. I was very impressed - the man really delivered.

Robert said...

I think he was more at ease here than at any SOU in the past. It had neither the passion nor the tone that speeches such as the one in 2002, but there was a tone of seriousness and I think less rhetoric than normal.

Global climate change. Interesting that he used the words. I am not sure where this one is going, but I think it may have been a small concession to the left without a whole lot of meaning. I could be wrong, it wasn't expected, nor did I even think much of it when it was uttered.

I liked the call for reducing oil consumption. I changed jobs a couple of months ago and have decreased my personal usage by 2/3, and that is about 128 gallons of gas per month. So, I have done my share :-). I don't think that this will ever happen. I don't want to be forced to drive Smart cars and electric golf carts, and I don't want to mandate the size of a vehicle people can buy. I do think it irrresponsible when I see a couple with no kids driving 90 miels an hour on the interstate in a Tahoe or a Hummer or something. I have four kids, and before one of them started driving, we needed a minivan or a large SUV for trips. But I would never drive one if the only person who would ever ride in it is me. I don't think people will give up their cars. Ohhh...another perfect example: In Birminham, Alabama there is a highway 280. 280 is the most congested, highly traveled route in the entire state. It is already six lanes, and connects outlying 'burbs with Birmingham. it also runs through some of the ritziest communities in the area. Now, there is a push for an elevated highway over 280. MORE HIGHWAY! Hardly a word has been spoken about a metro transit system, such as in Baltimore or Washington, D.C. I have spent enormous amounts of time in bpth places, and have found their public transportation inexpensive and extremely reliable. This si why we have this hinger for oil. It isn't for heating homes, or getting to work in most cases, it is selfishness and personal convenience.

I didn't mean to get on a tengent here....I work 34 miles from my home. It is not a place where there a public transit system would go, so I have no choice but to drive. If it were, i would welcome the opportunity to use public transit. Unfortunately, in the south, there is so little of it that change would be difficult.

Now, surely you jest about the House passing earmark legislation to remove them. From the "Buffalo News" :

The just-passed House measure now requires lawmakers to attach their names to the pet items they slip into spending or tax bills and they must certify that they have no financial interest in the provision.

The vote on the new earmark measure was tied to the so-called pay as you go rule, which would prohibit the House from increasing the deficit by passing any new tax cuts or spending programs without offsetting them with spending cuts or tax increases

So, they aren't eliminatd. The person just has to attach their name to it. I would think that this part would make even you angry: Earmarks are fine if there is an accompanying tax increase. So, not only are they going to waste tax money they collected, they are going to raise taxes to offset the wasteful spending of tax money!

I was unimpressed with Webb, to be honest. The dems are in a position where they have to balance between not sounding like they are defeatists, yet sound as if they want to leave now. it is a tough position, and Webb simply articulated that point very well. It illustrated the lack of plan on the part of the dems, because the party has absolutely no cohesion n the issue. Public statements notwithstanding, there is no one demo plan that has drawn a significant number of supporters. Webb was just maintaining a routine.

I have even liked the guy until recently. He has a long record, and I have always read his books. However, the bitter and childish exchange with the Prident recently turned my head a bit.

msliberty said...

I was beginning to think that the list of things we had in common was growing longer than our differences. However, with this post, I think I'm in the clear. :)

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