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Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Poll - Dems Want Bush To Fail In Iraq

A new poll is out, and it shows that the dems are so pathetic and anti-American that I am angry and disgusted.

Even though a majority opposes Bush’s new plan and many are doubtful it can succeed, that does not mean they want it to fail: 63 percent of Americans say they want the plan to succeed, including 79 percent of Republicans, 63 percent of independents and 51 percent of Democrats. (Robert's Note: This means that 49% of democrats surveyed hope the plan fails and America is defeated. Does this not tell you how pathetic the party has become? A party where half of its supporters actually DESIRE American troops to be defeated just to accomplish a political agenda? Dems, please justify this one for me. The next time an American serviceperson is killed in Iraq, I want Nancy Pelosi to stand in front of a camera and tell the man's family that his sacrifice meant something. It meant a tick in the polls for a democratic president in 2008. Apparently to them, this sacrifice is meaningful, but to die while asserting democracy and trying to build a stable and secure Iraq is wasteful and disgusting. I cannot believe that half of a political party in this country actually wants Americans to die to defeat a political opponent.)

On the larger political front, more people think "most Democrats" want the Bush plan to fail and for him to have to withdraw troops in defeat (48 percent), than think Democrats want the plan to succeed and lead to a stable Iraq (32 percent). (Robert's note: Even half of Americans think that the dems want the country to lose. Is Hillary really Jane Fonda in a really scary costume? When did the yellowbelly replace the jackass as the democratic party mascot?)

And 43% of those polled say that the government should let public opinion dictate foreign policy. Thats like letting me decide which scalpel to use during brain surgery.

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Nicho said...

OMFG Robert, you really let facts just fly by you, don't you?

Question 19, which is horribly phrased, reads as follows:
Do you personally want the Iraq plan President Bush announced last week to succeed?

That leaves room for people to answer the question based on the interpretation they make of it. At this point, many people do not expect George Bush to succeed at all, be it for low expectation on his part, or high expectations of Democrats blocking his plans.

Of course you don't understand this nuance, declaring that 49% of Democrats want it to fail when it's plain in the numbers that the number is actually 34%...

...IN ADDITION TO 11% OF REPUBLICANS! That means within a group of ten of you Republicans, one of you wants Bush's plan to fail. You un-American bastards.

You're very fond of the "you're drinking the Kool-Aid" phrase lately. Perhaps you should lay off of your own. Opinion Dynanics Corporation conducts polls almost exclusively for FoxNews. Big surprise there.

Robert said...

Only in democrat land is asking for a personal opinion giving the option of interpretation. Of course, since most democrats have NO position except for "anything Bush wants, I don't want", I am not surprised.

And 11% of republicans answering this in the affirmative is disgusting as well. Kool-aid? Please. I am simply nauseated that ANYONE would wish for America to fail.

Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

I would ask myself where to begin, but there is no logical point. When those of us left of radical right said in 2002-2003 that a war with Iraq was a mistake and would cost us dearly in dollars and lives, we were scoffed at and branded "unpatriotic" or "traitors." Now that it's evident even to those with a double-digit IQ that the war was a mistake and cost us dearly in dollars and lives, our call for correction of this mass fubar is "rooting for America to fail." Does the propaganda department get time and a half for coming up with these zingers?

Since your metaphorical brain surgeon has flubbed the surgery beyond hope for recovery, perhaps it's time to give somebody else a look at the scalpels.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

The majority of who? The polls, I think, are false negatives. You can get polls to say anything you want, if you word the questions correctly.

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