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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Did You Know PETA Kills 80% Of The Animals It Takes In?

An interesting link here. PETA is apparently very selective on the animals it actually loves.

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Nicho said...

Okay...I am one of the last people who will ever defend PETA but this site needs to get its facts straight.

Their chart on the right side of the main page is making some very explosive claims - 86.3% of animals were killed in 2004 for example. At the bottom of that chart is a very small link "skeptical, click here to see the proof". So I did.

While their front page numbers claim that there were 2,640 animal received, that number is does not include the number of animals recovered by the owners. The total number of animals is actually 10,298 which drops the "%Killed" to a much less explosive 22%. That would be why animal rights associations are so prone to recommend adopting a pet from an animal shelter when people are looking for pets. Simply put, they do not have the resources to house all of these animals and the unfortunate reality is that many of them must be euthanized. (This doesn't include the number of animals that are simply not suitable pets.)

But I feel compelled to restate that I don't like PETA. Many of their claims are just as fantastic as those presented on the link you provided. And I will always maintain that as long as some animals are treated better than some humans in this country, I don't want to hear about animal rights.

Robert said...

You know I present this stuff just in fun. I don't take facts and figures from "anti-______" sites at face value. There are always skewed numbers on these sites.

I don't care for PETA, and just thought I humorous.

But I am sure you know what I meant. :-)

WomanHonorThyself said...

ty for the link Robert..truth hurts doesnt it...PETA with their naked protests..what a sham!

Nicho said...

The previous comment illustrates why these "anti-____" sites need to be brought to task for spreading lies.

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