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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Israel Does Its Share

I tire of the claims that Israel should do more to alleviate the problems in the Middle East. I especially tire of the claims that somehow the US is at fault for Islamic hatred.

Israel has given time and time again to stop the violence. They have given up territory more than once based upon the claims that the Palestinians just want their own country. Israel has more than once suffered for their intentions.

Israel is taking another step to stop the violence. Mahmoud Abbas, the moderate and seemingly reasonable leader of Palestine, is making attempts to stop the violence on his end and his forces have clashed with Hamas recently. Israel is releasing $100 million dollars to assist Abbas with his efforts.

Israel doesn't have to do this. They could sit on this and make life even harder on the Palestinians. However, Israel wants to stop the violence. They are again doing their share to bring about peace.

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