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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today Is The Day

The weather here is crappy, unless you live by the phrase "God loves the infantry", in which case it is a wonderful day. Rainy and cold, just one of those days. I am coming down with a bug, and on top of that I am not very upbeat about the polls today.

Bad weather usually favors republicans, so in Alabama we are safe. However, this isn't home to one of the seats that is up for grabs. I am not sure whether I am optimistic or not. I think the dems may actually take the House, and almost the Senate. We can live through it (as long as you aren't ground zero for the next domestic attack or travel internationally)and it may be good for the party. We have two years to actually attempt to wring from the dems what their majestic plans are for Iraq and terrorism, since the majority of the ill-informed will actually cast their vote and have no idea how "change" will actually manifest itself come January.

The part that makes me more angry than anything? On the day of a huge rebuke of GOP leadership, the GOP leadership still doesn't get it. Dick Army says it has nothing to do with the GOP losing sight of it's roots. I heard Bill Kristol yeterday say that it has nothing to do with anything other than frustration over Iraq. I will give them the reasons why the GOP is going to lose today:
1) We acted like democrats. For the past 12 ears we have sought the perks of power without exercising leadership in the areas of social security reform, tax system reform, and immigration.
2) We dropped the ball on ethics. Now, I am one who believes in personal responsibility. Mark Foley is the one who committed questionable acts, not the GOP. However, to be leaders, you must police yourself internally, and we didn't do that.
3) Ignoring the real base of the party. While the rabid, religious right is a part of the base, it is not the entire base. There are many of us on the right who want conservative governance. I a not oppose to anyone using religion as their moral compass, and I am not opposed to anyone acting out of their beliefs in right and wrong. I do not criticize the religious right, and I am on the left fringe of that right wing component. But he party has to realize that it doesn't have to be either/or. We can govern as Reagan did, from a right wing philosophy with a touch of centrism.

I hope I am wrong today. I hope we hold those seats and the leadership get a wake up call and go back to being conservatives. Unfortunately, I think I am right on the mark.

4 Posts From Readers:

Brooke said...

Well, I hope you're wrong, too! LOL!

If you aren't, I believe the losses can be directly attributed to #1!

Robert said...

I agree. I really thought that there was the political will to finally abolish social security and make serious changes to the tax system. After 9/11, I knew that true immigration enforcement and reform was a lock.

I don't think the backlash is about the war. I think the backlash is against poor governing, and not getting things done.

And the GOP earmarks, far and above the dems record for doing so, is disgusting and pathetic.

Obob said...

It is going to come down to the wire. But I can tell you the backward ass hoosiers of indiana have hurt us. I have lived in this state for 30+ years and they hate change. Gov. Daniels has started turning this state around and the narrow minded ingrates challenging the gov. are killing us.
our bad

WomanHonorThyself said...

eeeeeeeeek!..looks like we needed more prayers eh?

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