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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

As Expected...Almost

I really didn't expect to lose 26 seats, despite what the pundits said. I am still angry that the GOP doesn't get what led to this. Take note that not a single demo seat changed to republican. There was no give and take to reach the final number, it was nothing but a good, old fashioned whipping. The problem is, we brought the switch!

We did it to ourselves. The demos didn't campaign FOR anything...Not a single issue, not a single plan. They simply repeated "change." Already this morning the dems are saing that they will deal with healthcare and taxes and another issue that I forgot already. My point is that they ran by saying people wanted a change in Iraq. Watch how quickly they assume a mandate for social issues.

Hopefully, the next two years will see two things happen politically. One, the demos will experience infighting. The winners yesterday were more moderate than the majority of the party. Two, the GOP will get their collective heads out of their butts and realize how this happened.

This will be good for us, if we let it. The winners yesterday didn't win because of who they are. They won because of who they weren't - Republicans. If we act aggressively and responsibly, we can fix this in '08.

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Nicho said...

At the risk of stepping into your echo chamber...

First, it's 28 seats and we're still on the clock with 13 in the air.

Second, I know it was hard for you to hear a Democratic message, but that's what happens when you firmly insert your fingers into your ears when they're speaking.

Third, if you're on board with Tom Delay's "Democrats didn't win, Republicans lost", then I'm certain you view the 1994 election as Republicans not winning, but Democrats losing, right?

I know, defeat stings. But after watching all of the conservative blogs posting pictures of Democrats who were devastated in 2004 at Kerry's loss with gleeful captions, don't expect me to be humble about your party getting its collective ass handed to it yesterday.

Brooke said...

We kicked our own asses, didn't we?

Hopefully, the GOP will take this time to ruminate over what the voters have told them.

Robert said...

Nicho - The last news report I heard before I posted was 26. The higher it goes, the less I like it.

What was the dems message? Leave Iraq now? NO. A new course? NO. It was be quiet about the specifics and take advantage of the frustration over the war.

Had the GOP done what it should have done the past 6 years, we would not have lost. Conservatives sat home yesterday, and the anticipated level of turnout didn't happen. In fact, oone of thepolls said it was like 61% dems who were likely to vote, and only 36% republicans. The dems offered nothing but anti-Bush.

Laurie said...

"The winners yesterday didn't win because of who they are. They won because of who they weren't - Republicans."

I agree completely.

Truth-Pain said...

Lets see, Republican rule got us:

A 40% increase in the federal budget in just six years, 2 wars, a sickening and bloated prescription drug plan, a stupefyingly expensive education bill (no child left behind), no border enforcement,no immigration reforn, no social security reform, CAFTA, FEMA, Katrina and Rita mis-managements....
All this... with both houses in tow.....

This has been the most incompetent Republican administration since .... since..... since...... (wait, it will come to me...)

Robert said...

I should take this opportunity to point out that 1) there aren't many conservatives who will discuss all this, and 2) there arent any lib blogs this honest about their own party.

It won't come to you, T-P, because I don't think there is a comparison. I don't think it is due to the incompetence of the administration, I think it is due to a lack of conservative leadership. We eat our own, and when the real conservatives start showing up and the press begins to hammer them, we usually give in and their time is short.

The last time the GOP was on the move and had one leader was in '94. I think I am going to work for Gingrich for '08.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Robert, time to roll up our sleeves and start over!

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