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Monday, November 20, 2006

And In The Left Corner, Wearing The Clown Suit.....

It didn't take long, did it?

Charlie Rangel wants to implement a draft. I guess that this is the first step toward change in Iraq.

The draft proposal, which doesn't have a snowball's chance of passing, is the manifestation of two liberal causes. The first is class warfare. The libs don't understand a free market, they don't understand that poeple must sacrifice to get a head. They simply hate the people who have succeeded and want to take theirs and make it ours. They think that if someone who is poor serves in combat, that someone rich must do so as well. First, the left complains that minorities are under represented in the military, and now they are fussing because they think they are over represented. Or maybe it is because they want them to serve, but jsut not in harm' way. Which brings us to the second lib cause - racial politics. The demos want to court the minority vote, so they front a draft where "everyone, regardless of color will make an equal sacrifice."

Whatever. Military service is beneficial to anyone and everyone who serves, rich or poor. It is a path to success and a better life. For me, it laid a groundwork for motivation, drive, and sacrifice. After living in the desert for 76 days without a shower, 7 months with only one set of BDU's, hot water and cold food and people trying to kill me, makes the fact that the cable is out a non-event. So the pantry is empty and I have to eat peanut butter. Better than nothing.

Take this as the first clue of what America really recieved from their vote in November. It isn't what they wanted, but it is what we got. Write this down, and as similar nonsense comes about the next two years, remember that we can change it.

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Brooke said...

Wait a minute... I thought that voting for Bush in 2004 would get us all drafted...

Now the Democratic congress wants to draft us all?


Seriously, most people could be vastly improved by military service, if not all, but this drafting thing is just all political B.S.

Laurie said...

Down with the draft! Let Charles Rangel send his kin if he's so certain it will curb future wars! (Because the draft did just that in Vietnam.)

Nicho said...

Take this as the first clue of what America really recieved from their vote in November. It isn't what they wanted, but it is what we got.


Does this statement mean that you agreed with each and every position that was stated by the R's? No, because due to the sheer numbers of differences in opinions, to make that blanket statement of agreement would be intellectually dishonest - kind of like your statement.

I don't support a draft and I never will. There's a reason that this got a bunch of press because it's so radical that it will never pass in either the minority OR the majority.

I think what Rangel was trying to do was to draw attention to what he believes is a disproportionate number of poor and racial minorities. He was also raising the point that perhaps if everyone had skin in the game we wouldn't be as eager to invade nations without fully exhausting diplomatic efforts.

But in case you had any misgivings about where a Democratic congress will lead, you may want to read the article with a bit less selectivity:
In 2003, Rangel proposed a measure covering people age 18 to 26. It was defeated 402-2 the following year. This year, he offered a plan to mandate military service for men and women between age 18 and 42; it went nowhere in the Republican-led Congress.

Obob said...

I've already ranted and bemoaned this. But it shows the lack of vision or repect by the Democratic leadership. They treat minorities as a gimmie vote and now are willing to use the draft as another "fear" card. This is will come back to bite them when they count the votes. If a Democrat votes for the draft, you seal your doom with sending kids to war. If you vote aganist, you show your party is incapable of serious discussion or any unity on serious issues.

Anonymous said...

Sticking to my guns for keeping it lite - Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Robert.

Cataphract said...

This is a free market? Get outa here.

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