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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Left Should Be Honest With Itself

Nancy Pelosi was selected unanimously as the new Speaker of the House. Not a shock, and she deserves the position due to her victory last week. She then endorsed Jack Murtha for House Majority Leader. You know Murtha, the Marine who forgot his roots, the unindicted conspirator in the Amscam scandal, and Mr. Anti-War. Murtha who said that Marines should be imprisoned because of a press report, not a trial.

Murtha lost to Steny Hoyer. Hoyer has been the House Minority Leader for a couple of years, and is more moderate than the rich (reportedly worth $55 million) San Francisco liberal Pelosi.

The left spent the last year screaming about change in Iraq. A new direction in foreign policy.

They have spent the last week ranting about tax increases, universal health care, and immigration issues. Not a single thing has been proposed on Iraq. I would have expected that when people promised a change, that there would have been a plan ready for release. It suprises me not that there is no such plan. Instead, they are espousing a "mandate" for liberal social issues.

The left is secretly worried about the next two years. Their margins of victory were minimal, and there have been moderates elected to both houses of Congress. What we have is the democrat party in control, but controlled by people who are as likely to rebel against the ultra-left as the GOP. We also have the repudiation of Murtha and his anti-war leadership.

I said almost a year ago that the GOP would lose these elections. I will go out on a limb and make this prediction as well:

All other things being equal, the GOP takes the Presidency and both houses in '08. I know, you think I am nuts or smoking wacky weed. I assure you that this is grounded in reality, and neither of the aforementioned character defects are true. Here it is:

The GOP has the high ground on economic issues. They also have the high ground on military and foreign policy issues. The public is frustrated and anxious about Iraq, but the economy is booming. The demos promised change, but won't be able to deliver it without a complee withdrawal. The people will see that as retreat and surrender.

So, the people didn't give a mandate for social upheaval. The left will pursue the radical left agenda as they have done for decades. The people will see that there was no change in Iraq, and will rebel against the tax increases and nonsense that is passed by a demo crongress.

So Murtha and Kerry and Pelosi and Clinton and Schumer and Rangel and the rest of them must finally put their actions where their mouths are. I hope people will quickly see the sham for what it was, and prepare to throw a temper tantrum again in 2008.

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Robert said...

Is the post feature working, or is noone interested?

Brooke said...

I'm interested! LOL! Just had a full plate the last two days!

I think that the only way we gain the White House and the Congress is by the Dems congregating back out in far left field... Which they will of course do.

That must happen, and the GOP MUST start to court their base again, and get rock-hard tough on immigration, and start learning how to balance a checkbook and stop spending like a drunken sailor. I would strongly suggest (if anyone were listening to me, lol) to start looking at Santorum/Tancredo for '08.

Robert said...

Whew! I was afraid that I was getting boring.

I do not understand how anyone can consider anything to change immigration without first securing the border. An unimaginative anaology: you don't fix a broken pipe until you first shut off the water.

I am listening to you dear! I think that a Gingrich ticket is what I want at this point. Santorum won't be a viable nominee because he lost his senate race.

Laurie said...

Hey, Robert, just out of curiosity, exactly how is being "Mr. Anti-War" a bad thing?

"Murtha who said that Marines should be imprisoned because of a press report, not a trial."

How is that different from an administration who says people suspected of terrorist affiliations be imprisoned (and in some cases tortured) without trial?

It must get awfully tiring for the neocons to constantly be talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Obob said...

I think your predictions are dead-on. The Democrats have to watch themselves, and we know how much the left loves restraint, s they can maintain the illusion of comapssion for 08. But as Rove pointed out, the margins of victory were very slim. I also have a funny feeling as more the scandals envelope the Democrats, their hypocrisy will be their undoing.

Robert said...

Laurie, it must be tiring trying to find reasons to gripe and complain.

Marines are wearing uniforms under the lawful orders of a government. Not to mention that they are Americans, and we probably should be concerned about their constitutional rights.

The others are international criminals, attempting acts of violence when not wearing uniforms and targeting civilians and children, who have no rights under our constitution.

Geesh, why is that so hard for the left to understand? But that is their track record...remember Hanoi Jane?

Laurie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laurie said...

"Laurie, it must be tiring trying to find reasons to gripe and complain."

Wow...isn't that exactly what you were doing about Murtha?

So, wearing a uniform by default makes me immune to what being Muslim by default makes me susceptible to? That's what the right is good for, Robert--putting labels on everyone and placing them in his black or white box. There is no gray in the land of conservativism. There is no such thing as a military soldier capable of committing violent crimes against civilians, and there is also no such thing as a non-Caucasian who wants nothing more than to live peacably in the U.S. (Need I remind you about the various ways the Patriot Act targets Americans?)

WomanHonorThyself said...

great read Robert...whew at least Murth went down in many left to go?

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