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Friday, November 24, 2006

Hope Everyone Had a Great Thanksgiving

It has been a chaotic week for me. I started my new job this past Monday, and then Thanksgiving preparations. We hosted the family dinner for the third time in a row, so we had guests. My wife did a great job as usual on dinner and the house. I forgot to mention that she and i installed a hardwood floor in or dining room. It was a project that started last Friday, was supposed to take 2 days, and ended Wednesday night at about 900. Of course it was also way over budget, but since it works for government, I will

I guess when you get older, you become your parents. The holidays have always been fun, but all of a sudden I found that I appreciated the day for the time spent with family. I have kids and all that, so I don't spend as much time with my aging parents as I should, so this time is appreciated more and more for what it should be.

My two oldest children are actually step-children, although I claim them as my own. They have always spent this weekend with their real dad's family, but this year the oldest has a job so she stayed behind to work, as did her sister. It was nice for the first time in almost 10 years that we had everyone here the entire time.

Ok, enough mushy stuff. If you don't already read the Beltway Bastard, please start. He has asked me to guest host during a holiday period aound Christmas, so get a head start and see what it is all about before the time gets here. It is a good blog to read - as long as you dont have virgin eyes - and he is one of the few people in blogland that will actually respect an opinion he doesn't agree with, and discuss it on it's merits, not with liberal platitudes. He may be slow to post a few days, as he apprently injured himself while doing the volunteer community service that he does regularly.

Mostly just posting here to update, not for anything meaningful. I am going to spend the next couple of days catching up on some lazy time, as I am way behind on that aspect of life. It is highly under rated! I also start teaching a class this Tuesday night, and of course the new job is going to take long hours for a while, so keep dropping by as I will update as best I can!

I also need a couple of my conservative friends to email me, as I might have an opportunity to give you another forum for your thoughts and politics. It is a project under development, but I think you would enjoy participating. The email link is somewhere on the left, or HERE.

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Brooke said...

Hi! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving yesterday, and avoid the malls today! ;)

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