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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And in the left corner, wearing the clown suit....

Or maybe it is a Stalin suit, or a Castro humidor, or even an al-Queda kufi (male, muslim head dress like a turban).  Regardless of the attire, Ted Turner is the personification of all that the right holds in contempt.  Today, Ted Turner said this:

"Our president said it very clearly. He said 'either you're with us, or you're against us.' And I had a problem with that because I really hadn't made my mind up yet."

Ted Turner…one of the icons of the left, one of the richest liberals around, said he does not know who he wants to win the war on terror.  Remember Turner?  You know, the owner of the Atlanta Braves, AMERICA’S TEAM he called them.  Turner took advantage of everything that America had to offer, and today, after 9/11, he does not choose America as the side who he wants to win.  

If you ever wondered why liberals are considered the enemy, you will never have to ask again.  

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Truth-Pain said...

I am still flummoxed by liberalism, at least in its present-day definition. As a libertarian I am pretty left as far as civil liberties go, yet I consider myself a classic Conservative in a general context. What is it about the liberal mentality that is so strident and obtuse in their ability to diagnoser danger?.... baffling.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Robert, do you get daily Ann Coulter gene's injections, or something? That is the most outright, baldfaced lie I've ever seen you write.

The man said he hadn't decided if he was going to march lockstep behind the First Nazi, or not. SHOW ME, in that quote of your own, where he said he doesn't know who he wants to win the war on terrorism??????

Do people who disagree with the First Nazi, kill our troops? Tell the ragheads where they're hiding? Send them into combat poorly equipted? Force them into extended tours of duty because nobody wants to be in the army, OR the marines? Do you suppose, that instead of writing stupid, ignorant posts like this, maybe you should get off your ass and ask YOUR President who YOU agree with, what in the hell is going wrong here?

I'm taking you off my read list, and I'd prefer you stay away from my blog. You're either just a blog troll, really ignorant, or both. Either way, I've had all the smell of you I can take for one lifetime!

Robert said...

Future, can ya read? "Our president said it very clearly. He said 'either you're with us, or you're against us.' And I had a problem with that because I really hadn't made my mind up yet." Did the part about not having made up his mind whether he was with or against America confuse you? I consider supporting my country to also be supporting the PResident in time of war. Too bad the left knows nothing of allegiance. Turner is a well known pinko, and has a well earned reputation as an idiot.

I am in complete support of the country, and in complete support of the war effort. The left has gone completely afield of dissent, and way into the realm of undermining the country.

Might I also remind everyone that Bernard Shaw, formerly of CNN, once worked for Turner. Do you remember during Desert Storm that he was in Baghdad, and asked by the US military for some information as to what he had seen or heard while in Iraq? Do you remember his answer? He refused to assist because of his concerns that it would compromise his "objectivity as a journalist." Apparently his citizenship was of lesser value, as was the ability to even possess objectivity because of his citizenship. I am ashamed to say that he was a Marine, but apprently he forgot those lessons too while I was getting my ass shot at in Kuwait. But, as long as he isn't accused of actually being an American, all is well.

Future, I will avoid your blog. Remove me if you wish. However, I am leaving you on my links section. I actually encourage diversity of opinion, plus it is one more venue where everyone might see the idiocy of the left.

msliberty said...

I am curious about your conclusion that liberals are the enemy.

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