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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Working My Way Back

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments and a few emails.  Life has become normal again, and we are still waiting for the results of the test.  It takes 4- weeks, and we have 1-3 more to go.  Dad has come to grips, and I am prepared to move forward with whatever God has given us.  One thing I can say that has come of it is that if it is even possible, I hug and kiss, and play with my little one more than normal.  I didn’t think it possible, but I guess one always has a few more minutes to spare.

Ok, so I have missed few things.  I have been reading you guys, so it isn’t like I have been at the North Pole or anything.

Mark Foley – A waste of human flesh.  How many times have I asked people why they think that their congresspersons are any smarter than average?  Why would you think that their personal lives are any different than yours or your friends?  Somewhere in your school system is a pedophile.  Not necessarily your school or your child’s teacher.  But a teacher or principal or janitor or kitchen worker or someone close at hand is a pedophile.  They seek out the places children live and play.  Congress is no different.  They are regular people who we trust to govern.  They are also regular wackos just like in the general population.

The GOP – They did a poor job of dealing with this.  It disgusts me that there is so much politicing around it, and of course it was timed for the elections.  I think that anyone who had knowledge of this (not just gossip, but knew what it was about) should be prosecuted.  Dem or republican, they should do prison time for this one.

Hope everyone is still checking in….will work my way back to a regular post!

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The Beltway B@stard said...

Oh yes, I agree completly. You already know, even if it is rare, that I will bash a Dem, just as hard as a Rep. I only need to hear enough to convince me that Dems, any Dem, had prior knowledge. I even have a frame-work post on stand-by.

Glad your back, or at least working your way back. Here's a link you might like - sweet!

Cool Cruiser

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Lawmakers are humans just like you and I (I think!), but that's where the similarities stop, for they honestly believe they are above the laws they make, for whatever reason. And I wonder if your RNC isn't hanging Foley out to dry, as was Dick Armitage (sp?), who fell on every sword past and present, for the team. Look at it this way: The services of two Republicans lost for life: weeks upon weeks of heavy smoke over Iraq. You'll have to admit, that for the last few years, your party has shown a definite penchant towards cannablism.:)

And one of the reasons every long journey starts with a small step is, you gotta stop so often and read the road map. You can't very well be doing that at a full run!:). Hang on as tight to whatever inspires you, as you do that previous little girl. Neither will ever let you down.

Robert said...

BB, that is awesome. I have always hated a Vic, and this is an exceptional entry perhaps. The only prob is the lack of rear A/C. It can't be used as a K9 that way.

The GOP does have a way with cannabilism. I wish that they would all learn the lesson my dad taught me my whole life: If you do the right thing, you will always be right. It realy is that simple. We disagree aout many roads to travel, but some things shouldn't be tainted with politics, such as this Foley thing. EVRYONE should stop talking about what the other party did or didnt do, and just condemn it for what it is, and condemn the ONE person who committed the acts.

The Beltway B@stard said...

My only problem with that is, I think there are some Reps who knew about it too. I think that Foley should be condemned for the act, but also anyone with prior knowledge, and I mean anyone, should be punished as an accessory - if it's proven they could have at the very least picked up a phone and made the proper call, but did not.

About the cruiser, there is a Magnum version meant to replace SUV's and wagons for K-9 units.

Truth-Pain said...

Nice to see you get your writing knives out again,.. I really enjoy your blog :)

Robert said...

Well thank you T-P. The audience thus far has been fun and pleasant. I guess I need to step on some toes to get more readers and commenters. Apparently, there are many who read and never comment.

betmo said...

i am glad things are better for you. i hope the tests are ok- no worries about you knowing what is truly important. as long as you write interesting posts- you will get readership. :)

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