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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And in the left corner, next to the clown, is MRS. CLOWN...

Birds of a feather. On Monday, October 9th at Madison Square Garden, Barbara Streisand, the Rhodes Scholar of liberal icons, performed a concert. She sang some songs. Music. In the liberal democratic party, that activity classifies you as an expert on both domestic and foreign policy.

At this concert where she charged $250 a ticket, she had a Bush impersonator. Apparently believing that conservatives/republicans are much smarter than liberals and wouldn't pay $250 to see her, she was shocked when there were people in the audience who did not appreciate the use of juvenile political statements at the concert. So, she told a heckler to "shut the f--- up!" (Sorry BB, I couldn't make myself do it) Afterwards, she apologized and lectured the crowd about tolerance.

Tolerance is an idea that should only be applied to the right. We should be tolerant of those who murder babies, we should be tolerant of those who want to undermine the country while at war, we should be tolerant of welfare queens who refuse to work and tolerate people like Babs taking 50% of our income to redistribute.

We should also be tolerant of ignorant artists who try to pass themselves off as thinkers.

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Obob said...

As a closed minded member of the right, I regret my level of tolerance stands for defeating regimes that murder homosexuals and slaughters unwilling "frigid" teenage girls. I regret my limited level of intellignece comprehends the desire of tyrannical theocracy that would shoot me in front my students for encouraging freewill or the worship of Jesus Christ. My pathetic level of sympathy stops at feeding of my near cannibalisitc people rather than building a fourth rate nuke, and not owning a decent pair of latform shoes for my vertical challenged god like ego.
Silly stupid me

The Beltway B@stard said...

Just shaking my head - I have got some serious problems with some of the supporters for Dem's right now. The Reps are imploding and the Dem's are not capitalizing. Both sides need to take a serious look at their leadership. And for F--ks sake, the Dem's really need to jettison some their celebrity support.

The "F" followed by 3 dashes was a start ;) I like the new look too. The old colors (red/blue) in your header did funky things to my monitor and eye's.

Being you are a former, delay that, a Marine (never former) - I spoke to an old high school friend tonight, who is a Major in the USMC. He is scheduled for a second rotation in Iraq come November or December. I haven't posted yet, but I am posting a nice, bi-partisan message later tonight. I'll be including some links for supporting our troops and if you know of any I should add, please let me know.

Robert said...

I tired to post to your site, BB, about this. The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society is excellent. Marine unites often do fundraisers for them.

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