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Thursday, July 20, 2006

People Can Be So Selfish, Childish, Unreasonable, and Contradictory

On my regular one hour commute to work, I have an XM radio to occupy my time. I start off with Fox News to get the morning headlines, and if there is something important I stick with that. If not, I hit a variety of channels, including the comedy networks and a few minutes of BBC, as well as a SHORT listen to CNN.

This morning on Fox and Friends, they were talking to people who had just arrived at BWI (Baltimore-Washington International Airport) from Cyprus. Two of the three people I heard, two people from the flight, and the wife of someone on the flight, were critical and ungrateful. The wife said that it was the fault of the US that it took so long, and that they had to endure so much. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't these people go there on their own? Didn't the US, at taxpayer expense, use military assets to get them to Cyprus, and then pay for a chartered flight back to the US?

I get so angry at the whining and crybabies that seem to believe that they have no responsibility for themselves. They think that someone else is at fault, and then someone else should correct it. I would have blamed Hezbollah for starting this, or blamed the Lebanese government for not extinguishing Hezbollah, or perhaps even myself for going to the most violent and unstable place on the entire planet. I sure wouldn't blame the people who actually may have saved my life, or maybe even saved me from months of torture in captivity.

The thing is, these people are probably the ones who say we shouldn't even be in that part of the world. Or that we oppress these countries, or that our military presence instigates violence. Yet they expect the military to be waiting offshore for them at a moments notice.

I am glad they are safe. I just wish they had a little better perspective on life.

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The Beltway B@stard said...

Don't you find it just a little suspicious that FOX showcased 2 of 3 people? I'm pretty sure more than 3 people have arrived at BWI from Cyprus. I think you saw only what FOX wanted you to see - a poignant conservative view.

Some of the evacuees do have valid points though. I don't care if you are traveling the region on your on volition or not - the US should coddle it's own the same way the State Department coddles foreign diplomats on US soil. It's that simple.

In any case, the whole thing has been blown pretty well out of proportion by the media in general.

Robert said...

Welcome Beltway, I hope you return often for more debate!

I wasn't finding anything political in this. I don't care if they talked to 5,000 people and only 2 of them had this attitude. It is pathetic.The US should not coddle people who ignore State Department warnings about traveling to Lebanon, and then expect the same people to save them.

What conservative viewpoint do you get from this? I think crybaby extends along the entire spectrum.

The Beltway B@stard said...

Sorry, my position on FOX has been jaded lately.

My views on coddling our people still apply though. Yes, some may have been very stupid to travel somewhere, despite state department warnings - but does that mean we hang them out to dry for their stupidity?

Just one comparison - criminals get coddled every day in our court system - people who should be locked up for life walk the streets - what's the big deal with coddling some dorks who went somewhere they shouldn't have?

Take care of them, get them out promptly and their whining will loose the sympathetic ear.

I'll enjoy coming here to debate further - but please for the love blogging, fix the code in your template to keep me from being redirected to FOX again.

Robert said...

Beltway, thanks...but the problem isn't my template code, it is something else that I can't fix, and blogger has been unresponsive about fixing it.

Bear with it, I am trying.

Ellie said...

I agree with beltway. yea, they're stupid but we should still take care of them. after all, they're relatives may live there and they want to visit them. and their relatives don't want to move because it's their homeland (same reason why israel is even over there)

as for fox, PLEASE get that fixed!!! it's bad enough i have to pass fox on the way from nbc to abc.

The Beltway B@stard said...

Oh well, I'll check back from time to time and grit my teeth until the FOX pop-up stops.

Please don't let my blog scare you - my bark is worse than my bite and I check my language at the door of any site I visit (unless I see the same ;)

I do love a good debate though - so keep an eye out when we happen to post on similar topics. I'll even link you when I know the FOX pop-up is dead.

Robert said...

Guys, the only word I have on the redirect is that someone has hacked into some file and caused the redirect. I have searched through my template line by line and there is nothing there about FoxNews. It is a problem that rests with the provider.

I may jsut find another provider, or just pay and host somewhere with a non-blogspot url. If so, I will pass it on to you.

Thanks Beltway, for staying and for the offer to link. I will return the favor, and of course visit you regularly. i have a standard roster of sites that I hit when I get to Why do that on my own time?

Ellie, you gotta stay away form the kool-aid. I didn't say not to take care of them. I said they should quit whining because we didn't give them personal Marine escorts on their trip, and a first class ticket on Trump Airlines.

The Beltway B@stard said...

Try republishing with a different template style - that might clear it up...wait, no FOX pop-up, good sign...I refreshed 3 times - still no pop-up.

As for the Marine escort - if you watched the news tonight, they are now getting it. Seems the sympathetic ear has been lost. Just common sense.

Are you self employed? Surfing at work? Good thing you don't work for me - my moniker says it all ;)

Ellie said...

I think if everyone stopped whining there'd be complete silence in this world. after all whining is pretty much the only way to get what you want. that and fighting. or you could just work for it... but these people don't really have much at their disposal except the ability to whine.

yea surfing at work? lucky!! if I did that... :)

Robert said...

I overdo it, and if anyone looked at my internet logs I would probably be in

But I put in enoughhours that I can browse my fav blogs a little each day. AS long as I read them each day, it only takes a few minutes.

Beltway, the Fix thing seems to come and go. At work, it does it every time, but at home it is sporadic.

I will change the template and try that...thanks.

TM said...

Yeah, I remember getting redirected to FOX news when I came to your site.

For what it's worth, I found that as soon as your site loaded, if I immediately hit the "stop" button on my internet tool-bar, it would leave your site in place and available to read.

Of course, that is not really a fix, and more of a stop gap measure.

I have never seen this sort of thing before on a blogger blog, so unfortunately, I have nothing else to contribute. Assuming that the above sentence was even worth the trouble to read...


Robert said...

TM, the heading of my blof includes come in and post whatever you wish! Haven't seen you in a while, so welcome back!

I promise, if the FOX things isnt fixed in short order, I will take some action and let you all know what heppens.


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