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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Read Alan Dershowitz in Today's Wall Street Journal

I can't post a link, because it isn't anywhere except today's WSJ editorial page, and on the web it requires a subscription. But, in a day or two it might appear somewhere else and I will post it if I find it.

He talks about Israel's "disproportionate" response to Hezbollah. It is a must read. His comments were spot on, and present a great argument against a position which I can't begin to conceptualize.

Off this subject, but if you are still being redirected to FoxNews, I apologize. Blogger still won't respond, and a friend told me what the problem might be, but it isn't something I can fix. It happens to me about 50% of the time...If it happens to you, jsut stop the load before it finishes, and it won't redirect you.

Pleae hang in there, and don't let the goofy page keep you away.

3 Posts From Readers:

Ellie said...

I reiterate. PLEASE GET THAT FIXED. why did it have to be fox?? why not like or something I could at least enjoy??

I don't have the wsj handy but I have read a book written by alan dershowitz. can't remember the name of it but it was the history of all the important legal battles in american history. very interesting book. that was back in the day when i had time...

Ellie said...

Pleae hang in there, and don't let the goofy page keep you away.

are you calling fox a goofy page?! (totally in agreement right there)


Robert said...

No, MY page is acting goofy!

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