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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Maybe This is Repaired

I hated to change the template, as it is always a pain and I liked the blue one, but I had to break down and get rid of the Fox redirect. It hasn't happened with this template, but we will see in a couple of days. I was afraid to lose visitors because of it, so hopefully this will work.

Israel continues the campaign, and the arguement is getting stupid. If someone broke into my house and slapped my wife or kids, I would pummel the idiot until he tucked his tail and I knew he would think long and hard before he did it again.

Is it a societal thing that so may people don't believe in victory? Has there been such a huge shift in our people that we don't believe in sacrifice, and that some things are worth dying for? Your opinion is appreciated...

Hope to see ya'll back and engaged here.

11 Posts From Readers:

The Beltway B@stard said...

Still trying to figure me out? So am I ;) Good Luck.

Nice page - reminds me of another one. I promise to not slap your kids anymore.

Somethings are worth dying for - as long as it's your choice and have the passion to do so.

TM said...

Bad news, Robert.

Your page is still redirecting you to FOX News.

I wonder what is causing that?

Anonymous said...

To: Robert
From: Karl Rove
CC: Cheny, Rumsfeld, Rice, Chertoff, Hayden
Date: July 27, 2006
Re: Staying on Message

Recently it has come to my attention via my NSA wire tapping of your phone and my monitoring of all of your electronic banking transactions that you have been straying off the reservation, so to speak.

I have no problems with my digital brown shirts going to liberal sites to spy and collect actionable information that can be used to round them all up when the time comes to crush all dissent in America. By all means, continue to do so. Your weekly reports on MoxxieGrrrl and her ilk have been most useful to me. She shall be my favorite concubine when I ascend to the throne of absolute power...

But this insolence of yours in attempting to find some sort of "common ground" with those on the left can not be left to go unpunished. Even worse was your linking various liberal sites on your sidebar. I did not go about crushing dissent in America only to have you treacherously provide a forum for these people. So I used my powers under the Patriot Act to have your little blog reprogrammed to automatically divert people to my propaganda wing, FOX News. However, you didn’t seem to get the message, so sterner measures must be taken. Effective immediately, your monthly neo-con check has been discontinued, and I have liquidated your secret Swiss bank accounts. I of course took my standard 30% cut, and disbursed the rest of your funds to various individuals and entities, of which I will speak no more.

I warn you not to cross me again, or I shall immediately have you declared an enemy combatant, extraordinary rendered to various countries, and dumped in Guantanamo Bay. Here you shall suffer the pains of the damned, as your dimmed vision sees me cavort and prance before you, as I personally torture you as I have personally tortured all of my little GWOT detainees.

You may wonder why I would go through the trouble of having you picked up and flown half way around the world, when I could simply use the agonizer that have been surgically implanted in all of my millions of minions. Well, the truth is simply that I would use quite a bit of electricity to torture you, and I don’t want to trouble my power companies, who are having quite a bit of trouble right now as it is. The time for plunging the entire east coast into prolonged darkness as part of my nefarious plan for power is not yet at hand.

However, it is not too late for you Robert. Fall to your knees and swear eternal fealty to me, and I shall raise you up and place you on my right hand side. Together Robert, you and I can rule this land together, as we usher in a night of despair and tyranny that shall lift, nevermore!

Also don’t forget that monthly neocon dues are still payable via check or Visa credit card. For your convenience, we have also recently added American Express to our list of approved credit cards.

Robert said...

TM, you might want to empty your cookies.

It hasnt redirected me since I changed templates....anyone else still getting a redirect?

TM said...

Hey, it seems to be working. I guess they received the check.

The Beltway B@stard said...

No redirects here. I haven't even emptied my cookies.

I usually hate anonymous posters, but that was funny - sorry - a price paid for being liberal enough to allow anyone to post ;)

TM said...

Hello Robert and Beltway B@stard.

Actually, I posted that post about Rove's memo. If you look, you'll see it came 1 minute after my post. Glad you liked it.

Anyway, back to this redirect issue.

I'm getting redirected again. And I have no idea why. The problem seems to come and go.

Yesterday, I was getting redirected. So I pressed the stop button on the tool bar, and posted my TM post, and my Karl Rove memo post. I came back in the evening, and I kept getting redirected. I then hit stop, read the comment about deleting cookies. So I did so, came back and found that I wasn't getting redirected. So I then posted my little snark about how the check must have been received and left. However, I came here again this morning, and I am right back to being redirected to FOX. So I have again pushed the stop button to stay here.

I have no idea why this is happening. I'm going to leave and come back a few times and see what happens and post an update.

Very respectfully,


TM said...

OK, I exited IE, came back, OK.
Logged off, came back, OK.
Restarted, came back, OK.

So maybe the problem is fixed. I hope so.

Robert said...

It is very funny, TM. Are you really Karl Rove? LMAO

I suspected either you or Nicho...I wasn't sure which. It was too well written to be most of my other detractors...and Beltway hasn't been around long enough to pull my chain like that....

Sorry about the redirect thing, I haven't been redirected, and have tried on more than one computer. Maybe it will fix itself with yours soon enough. I wish I had sugegstions, but I don't. Maybe one of these peeps who know more about programming than I do can offer some help...

Robert said...

I did access the site from work, and got redirected today. I thinn it has something to do with the individual computer. I shut it down and will try again Monday, but all things are good here on this one

The Beltway B@stard said...

I may have found your redirect problem looking at the source code in your template.

I e-mailed you a more thorough explanation - incase my e-mail gets hit with any spam software you are using.

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