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Friday, March 07, 2008

Another Conservative Commentary Temper Tantrum

A judge in California has denied a 17 year old foster child the right to serve his country. It is apparently the law in Cali that a foster child cannnot enlist in the military without the permission of a judge. In this case, the judge apparently was anti-military and allowed some personal bias, for some reason, to enter the decision.

Shawn Sage wanted to enlist in the Marine Corp's Delayed Entry Program. This is an excellent way to enlist. It allows 17 year olds the ability to enlist while remaining at their high school for their senior year. During that year, they meet with other recruits to learn Marine Corp culture, engage in physical training, and other things that prepare them for their new life in the Marines. The $10,000 signing bonus doesn't hurt either.

In this case, the judge, and the bailiff, said some insulting things to Sgt. Guillermo Medrano, who appeared with Shawn in his dress blues to support Sage. The judge, and the bailiff, made the comments on the record that the recruiters didn't care about their enlistees - only numbers. Sgt. Medrano refuted the statements and said that he cared about every person he recruited.

This temper tantrum is toward those small minded, biased, incompetent, and completely ignorant people - especially liberal activists who think they know everything. It is also directed at the judiciary in California, which is a blight on the halls of justice. The 9th Circuit court is the most overturned court in the country. Before any of you object, this judge was a Superior Court judge in Los Angeles, but where do you think the 9th Circuit's cases come from?

The Marine Corps is an institution that lives by a certain creed, some written as in Semper Fi, some unwritten that accompany the motto of Semper Fi. For those that don't know, it is latin for "Always Faithful" and Marines throughout history have lived by this isn't an expression, it is a way of life. Marines have given their lives on many occasions to recover the bodies of dead Marines. Marines have given their lives to save Marines that they didn't even know!

Unless you are a Marine, you cannot understand how this is part of you until your dying breath. I can express it in words, but you would never understand. These young boys who enlist in the Marines will experience honor and courage and integrity. Boys from foster homes will find a home full of brothers that will never let them down, unlike the liberal state of California who denied a motivated and focused young man the ability to follow his convictions.

What is happening to our country when the United States Marine Corps is more hated than the enemy?

4 Posts From Readers:

Layla said...

You are right. It is so pitiful and sad when our Marine Corp is hated more than the enemy. What kind of people could hate like that? I will never understand that.

Thanks for coming by my blog. I like yours and have enjoyed reading here. I will be adding you to my blogroll and hopefully I will be by when I can to comment.

Thank you.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Thanks Layla! I am in the process of ading you to my recommended list. My two faithful reades will be by to visit

Obob said...

between this and the domestic terrorist attacks on recruitment offices. It makes me believe what the Marines are doing right. You gotta make someone very afraid to make this much of a blunder

heidianne jackson said...

it's a sad, sad time for our country, robert. and it effects not just the marines, but all of the braches of our military.

my son recently dep'd into the navy - when he went his councilor to get her to sign off on the fact that he will graduate this year, she tried to talk him out of it - apparently she does this to all of the kids who need her signoff to enlist...

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