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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Abolish TSA Now - Or, Why We Deserve To Be Laughed At Around The World

I don’t think there has been another period in American history when we looked as foolish and pathetic as we do now. There has been much made of the reputation of the U.S. with the rest of the world and how we have damaged it almost beyond repair. I don’t think that reputation suffers as much from the war in Iraq and it has come to a head because of the weak constitution of Americans.

There is a story about the Transportation Security Administration and how it is changing a policy because of one complaint. A woman had a piercing in a private location and was asked to remove it to proceed to an aircraft. She has complained because one of her piercings had become stuck as the skin healed around it, and she told the officer that she couldn’t remove it except with pliers. So, the officer complied with her request and provided a pair of pliers. Now the woman wants to sue. And TSA has decided to change their policy.

For those who do not know, I worked for TSA for five years. I was one of the first employees hired after 9/11, and spent the first eight months managing security and training workforces during the federalization of the workforce. I handled nine airports, and in the early days TSA had a great opportunity to define itself as an important and effective agency in the war on terror and in the security of our nation. It was top-heavy in law enforcement experience, and that served the security function well.

Then TSA became “customer sensitive.” I have always disliked the word “customer” when dealing with security issues, and the focus on worrying about everyone’s feelings has decreased the security posture of our airport security officers. Most people do not understand the true threat we face from radical theologies. Most people don’t have the first notion as to what is involved in security operations and how many ways someone can carry out an attack. I am so tired of hearing about how we harass grandmothers and children at airports. Your grandmother may not be a suicide bomber, but is there a mandatory retirement age for terrorists?

The rates at which elderly people are being used to smuggle drugs into America is on the rise. Is it that hard to conceive of an elderly person being angry at the government, or something, and blow up an aircraft? Remember all of those radical 60s hippies who planted bombs? They are still alive, but getting older. You don’t think that one of them might get a brilliant idea about resurrecting the Weather Underground or the SDS?

It doesn’t take a large bomb to bring down an aircraft. The bomb that brought down Pan Am 103 at Lockerbie, Scotland is estimated to have contained SIX OUNCES of plastic explosive. That is less than the hamburger you bought at McDonald’s today. It was packed in a small “boom box” and punched a hole in the fuselage – nature and physics took care of the rest.

TSA does a poor job of managing resources. They do a poor job of putting security first. I have experienced firsthand the poor priorities of the agency. In one entire quarter of 2006, TSA spent more hours on “diversity training” than they did on security training. Procedures are written by people who have never conducted any of the procedures in an airport.

I don’t think that TSA should truly be abolished. The officer at the operations level is the most committed and serious professional you will find. They take the job seriously and want to do a good job each and every day. The problem lies with the political correctness and whiny perspective of every day Americans. Taking their shoes off is too much trouble, despite the fact that someone really did put a bomb in their shoes and try to blow up an aircraft. People want to walk through screening with metal piercings without being screened, and don’t understand that some detonators are smaller than a golf pencil. Standing in line is ok if they want a Mocha Latte at Starbucks, but to make sure that 300+ people actually live through an entire flight is too much.

We have to want to win. This war has seen no sacrifice required from the general citizenry, but they don’t want to be imposed upon to take off their belt at a checkpoint. We have to re-focus on the reality of today.

Speak out against this nonsense. Speak up for real security measures. I don’t know about you, but if I have to fly I am more than happy to do it however they need me to because I want to get home to my children. Is it logical to change a national security policy because one woman has piercings in a place where no one can see them? The rest of the world scoffs at our weakness…

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The Beltway B@stard said...

I always looked at the guy wearing the suit first - least suspected.

The consumer culture of this country has seeped into every facet, including security. You are correct about the average, and even the above average person not knowing a single thing about security, or the implementation of it. Now it looks like the suits at TSA have fallen off course.

Most frequent travelers know the security routine, and plan ahead. I myself check all of my baggage, and wear sandals or deck shoes for a quick on and off.

It always pisses me off when I get to the airport, and have to suffer through the ignorance of a handful of people who must not watch the news. At the same time, I see a lot of incompetence by the hourly TSA personnel - as in not properly trained and/or motivated.

It comes down to big government, and over-regulation in the work place. I have to get a shot in, otherwise it wouldn't be right. But Bush, who always preaches less government, created this monster that has to follow the murky maze of government employment regulations, and privatized it.

Guess this means I can get that piercing now though. ;)

Fu Manchu Dad said...

Amen Robert! You are completely right that virtually no citizen has been required to sacrifice anything in their daily lives for this war. Not one aluminum drive, not one day without bananas, not one day of gas rationing. With regard to security screening, the process before 9/11 was woefully inadequate. Our screening with regards to our other ports of entry and cargo is still in deep need of overhaul. With regards to this particular woman's piercings, I don't know that she should have necessarily been required to remove them, but at the very least have shown them to a female screener. One question I have is why did she not have to remove her navel piercing also? That aside, the screening fault that galls me most is not that Grandma and her wheelchair are searched, but that young adult Muslims are deliberately ignored in some overt attempt to demonstrate just how politically correct we are and absolutely eliminate any suggestion of "profiling". This of course is the exact opposite of good security and/or police work, where profiling should be used in conjunction with more random methods. All of the policies and instructions for passengers and their security requirements are published in the media, on websites and in their flight documentation. These rules are not a mystery. For anyone to expect to be exempt from screening is foolish at best. What this agency needs is leadership from the security business and less beaurocrats, and strict enforcement of policies with no regard for political correctness. You're right that the world scoffs at our weakness in this area. No one laughs at El Al. Maybe we should take a lesson or two from them.


The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Any agency that is run by the government is bound for majow problems and the TSA is a prime example.

Everywhere that Airport security is handled by the private sector does not experience any of this travisty!

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

BB, I do not blame Bush for creating this monster, as I believe that the function is security in this regard is a legitimte function of government. What I blame is the left in this country that has created an entitlement class that believes that it is the duty of every person to be a caregiver for their feelings.

She was not required to remove the navel ring because it can be viewed in public. The other one was in a private place and required either a physical search or for the passenger to remove the item. Picture this: A terrorist decides to bomb an aircraft and assemble the IED onboard. There are four componenets to a makeshift bomb, and this particular cell decides that four people will each smuggle on one part. The detonator is placed below the skin in a female's breast. Then they place a metal peice of jewelry over it so that when the metal detector sounds, the officers will see the jewelry and let the person pass.

So the only way to make sure that it is the ring making the metal detetors activate is to remove it from the equation. It really isn't rocket science.

There is incompetence among some of the hourly workforce. I can name a dozen airports where they are managed based on the good ol boy system, or selectioins were made for the sake of "diversity" or even this one: To pick the candidate that would receive the lowest salary. I was denied a promotion because I would have made a higher salary than the one selected. I already had the schools and certifications, and he did not. THAT is why I made a higher salary. So, they sent me to numerous schools to receive training and education, and then deny me the position because I had the training and the education.

Does that explain why TSA is a pathetic and transparently weak organization?

Don't misunderstand me, it has value and if you rewind the clock three or four years it was where it should be headed as an organization. I am not a disgruntled former employee, and for the right spot I would go back in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

as someone who for the past 5 and a half years has flown a lot (3 weeks out of every month - fly monday morning and fly home friday night). been to most every major u.s. airport and a lot of overseas airports. personally speaking - the tsa is useless and, in most cases wouldn't know a bomb from a nipple ring - as was recently proven. you want real security measures? go to israel, italy, kuwait and see how it's done. unfortunately, while the intent was and is good, the tsa has become nothing but another way to inconvenience the american traveller. mostly due to over-management, lack of common sense and a severe lack of technology (which is readily available - but then there's that management issue)......

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Guhn said...


Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...


Anonymous said...

I dont have a problem with the whole security check thing but why cant the screeners treat people with a little more respect instead of treating everybody like common criminals or inmates. This doesnt go for all TSA employees, some airport's TSA employees are more respectfull than others. Some TSA employees at San Diego International are completely rude however. They must have hired them all out of El Cajon. LOL.

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