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Saturday, February 09, 2008

TOledo Joins Berkeley As Anti-Military

I hope that when a natural disaster or a terrorist attacks hits Toledo, that the U.S. government has the cojones to refuse to send military aid.

Marine resevists have been conducting an urban training cycle for the past three years in Toledo. This weekend, the mayor turned their buses around. He said their training might frighten people.

I am sure our enemies are shaking in fear at our resolve to be strong.

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Obob said...

I think the the mayor has a vision of the Mud Hens saving them. Sure it will frighten people and it should. Are there still people out there who think we will never be attacked on our home soil? Not that we should live in fear, but we need to be reminded we are at war here kiddos.

Timstigator said...



Wadical said...

If our military training "frightens people", fantastic....we're doing it right.

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