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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No Body Armor Or Kevlar Helmets In Anbar?

Someone contact their senators immediately! Our Marines aren't wearing Kevlar helmets or body armor in Ramadi! How dare the Bush administration be so heartless and uncaring about our troops. We should impeach.

Or perhaps we should celebrate. Perhaps we should stop tolerating the democrat defeatism and tell them to shut up. Perhaps we should take up a collection and print this article in the NYT, and make sure that a copy is mailed to, Charles Schumer, Hillary Clinton, et al. Of course, we need almost 200K to do it, as I don't have a Socialist Super Value Card to get the discount.

This is an article about how Ramadi, once the main base for extremism and violence in Iraq, has been secured and violence practically eliminated. Despite Clinton's idiotic statement that we must "suspend disbelief" to see the surge working, our Marines have no need to wear protective gear in Ramadi. Rememeber the Anbar province? Remember the Sunni Triangle? This is the heart of it and there is no violence.

This is what the surge has done, and it is what the our warriors can do if given the opportunity. This is the whole reason for the surge. We have to secure places so that the grass roots efforts can succeed. We must emerge from iraq victorious, and that means providing a secure environment so that normal iraqi families can have a normal life.

If you do nothing else today, read the article that is linked.

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Obob said...

these are the kind of articles the Democrats want to suppress, no good news. I cannot fathom the desperate antics of the left to wish defeat of our troops. Or to claim suport while wishing they fail. No logis, just selfish business as usual

Wadical said...

If a Marine leaves his Kevlar helmet in the rear in favor of his soft cover or boonie hat, you can bet your ass that not only does he feel pretty safe, so do his Officers.

It stands to reason that no one on the left would dare admit to the success of a surge they so strongly condemned. Why it would go against every fiber of their existence to join in bipartisanship with their fellow Republican lawmakers to achieve success in Iraq. An American defeat/Democrat victory was so close they could taste it.

Same shovel, different stall. Their playbook has always been the same. Obfuscation is the means to their end...a powerless, pacifist, Socialist America.

Good read. Thanks for the visit. I shall return.

Robert said...

Wadical, without checking your profile it sounds as if you are a devildog yourself. You are right on about the kevlar. Marines officers do not allow their men to ignore body armor without cause. I was an 0311 myself, and it drove me crazy on several occasions.

I will say that there are some exceptions to this rule, as I didn't wear my kevlar during Desert Storm. The way the stupid thing is designed it gets pushed in your face when going prone by the back of the flak jacket.

But I don't think so in this case. There has been too much media coverage of the heartless Bush administration sending our troops to war with the army we have, to allow needless deaths because of not wearing body armor.

Thanks for visiting, and please return!

Wadical said...

Squid, actually. Former Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator. Got a hell of a lot of friends who are leathernecks though. My aviation background kept me pretty far removed from ground operations but it's not something I'm exactly ignorant about.

0311. A grunt's grunt, huh? Well, you don't get much closer to the dirt than that. It might be insufficient to say it takes alot of "sack" to choose a profession that gets you close enough to the enemy to smell him. I count myself fortunate that I had 20,000 ft and four turboprops to keep me above it all. My respect is all yours.

Robert said...

And mine to you, at least as much as I can give a

Being a Marine is a bit of a family tradition. My dad retired after 21 years and two wars (Korea and Vietnam. He was infantry at Chosin and Inchon, and a thousand other terrible places. He has 3 purple hearts, but even more scars) and my brother and I were actually in the same unit in Desert Storm.

My brother and I were a recruiter's dream. We both called them, and both requested infantry.

Thank you for your service. I had you marked as a Marine with the "soft cover" and "boonie" comment. We need anti-sub guys to keep those amphibs safe!

TRUTH-PAIN said...

From one bubble head (me) to a wing-wiper (you) to a grunt (Robert)...... Jeez talk about a loving admiration society we have here in Robert's back yard.

Wadical; greetings and salutations from an ex-squid, bubble-head and surface target (The names we give ourselves...)

Robert said...

Hey, no better place than my backyard to BBQ and swap sea stories.

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