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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Found a New Blog

The Wight Wing Wadical. Not a new blogger, but a blog that I just discovered. It seems a bit like mine, in that he doesn't seek to be a news alert type of blog, but just a guy doing his own thing. Check it out here, or on the left where I have added it.

3 Posts From Readers:

Wadical said...

I am honored, and have reciprocated in kind.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

I may have to visit Wadical,... just the name makes me happy :)

TRUTH-PAIN said...

By the way,... have you visited Mustang's? blog? I believe its

This ex-marine is (in my humble view) the best writer of conservative thought in the blogosphere. He doesn't post much,... something like 3 a month... but they are loooooong gems of well put together thoughts and analysis. No blow-torching (like me), no use of sarcasm and satire to make up for lack of skills ( me...), just solid, solid stuff. I highly recommend you peruse through his long list of postings. You will be amazed.

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