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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

They Don't Know What To Do With Victory - We Must Stop Their Idiocy

The dems are so confused about what to do now that they have control of Congress. For several years we have heard nothing but how we needed a change in government so that we could have a change in Iraq strategy. Many conservative voices have expressed that their only strategy is to cut and run. However, apparently we were all wrong. Their new strategy is: Stay The Course! Step over here to see the article.

Even the left wing should be angry about this. Let me sum it up for you.
1) The dems have been screaming for change.
2) The dems promised change if elected.
3) Three months have gone by and their has been no change nor has their been any strategy position except to quit.
4) The dems don't believe in their cause enough to cut off war funding, because they know this is a losing strategy. (Now you are asking "what about the will of the people that the President has been ignoring? Don't a majority of people want out now? Apparently ignoring the will of the people is only bad if you are a republican president. The dems know better than the people what is best now!)
5) The dems have decided that since they can't cut funding, and they don't want to send more troops, then they are going to legislatively mandate that we can only send more troops on a leap year, on the third Tuesday of each month with a full moon, and only if they have had the proper diversity and cultural sensitivity and sexual harassment training - You know, the stuff that is important in a firefight.

You got it. They want to prevent the President from sending more troops unless the troops meet certain training requirements. Then they will be restricted as to how often or when they can be deployed, effectively stopping units from going back to Iraq after having been there.

The dems said we didn't have enough troops, and now don't want anymore. They wanted a change, but don't want the President to implement one. They want to stop the war funding, but will not be re-elected if they do. So their new strategy is that the President has to make due with the number of troops that he has now, and can only carry out the strategy that he has now.

Read the article on the link, as there are some amazing statements. The dem party is in bed with anti-war groups. They are blustering about how the '08 defense appropriations will stop the war. They are spending millions in television ads designed to convince the public that we have lost and pressure the White House to surrender.

They want to SURRENDER, and want to convince the public that we have lost and should tuck our tails and come home. When did the yellowbelly become the dem party mascot?

Allow me to insert an observation about the difference between the the President they despise and their own character. The President has set a course, and is acting on his principles. Those principles have damaged his standing in history, as his approval ratings are terrible. Yet, he perseveres because he believes that he is doing what is right. The dems on the other hand, as well as those quivering republicans who join the anti-war parade, have no principles. They spew rhetoric about de-funding the war, yet do not act upon it. If they truly had a position based on a sense of right and wrong, they would act now. They do not because it might damage their political careers. Who do you really want leading you?

Work hard for '08 everyone. We CANNOT allow the dem party to force the U.S. to quit just because things are hard, and not rosy everyday. The real world is not rainbows and puppies, no matter how deep you bury your head.

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Truth-Pain said...

These are interesting observations. I had a back-and-forth rant going on with 5th Estate about the merits (or lack thereof) of Goverment by polls,... based on his rant about Bush's polls being so low. I had the same observations about Bush being steadfast and that although I have reservations on some of his policies, I admire him for it. Man, did they lay the lumber on me!... but you know me, I am ever the gluton for pushiment, or a good discussion. :)
Nice posting!

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