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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good for Tancredo!

Busy day today, not much time.

I did want to applaud Tom Tancredo for his refusal to play nice with Rep. Keith Ellison. I am sure you know that Ellison called the U.S. Capitol Police to force Tancredo to stop smoking his cigar. Ellison and Tancredo have adjoining offices, and apparently Ellison doesn't like cigar smoke.

As normal with the dems, they can't simply go knock on a door and explain that Ellison suffers from asthma, and the cigar smoke was uncomfortable. He had to call someone to enforce his will.

Not that I believe any of the hype, but the dems have insisted that they want to work with republicans. Since they can't make a simple face to face request about cigar smoking, how far do you think that promise will travel?

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Obob said...

So Ellison was "brave" enough to use the Q'uran from a man who cared liitle for the faith, but not the balls to knock on the door. This could be a fun couple years

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