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Sunday, February 04, 2007

An Interesting Quote

I found this one at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth

"Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs who should be arrested, exiled or hanged."

- Abraham Lincoln

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Lincoln was a very wise President who knew the ramifications of elected officials who undermine a nation at war.
Hey, by the way at least two of my regulars have added you to their links from the BOTM spotlight. Congrats on a great blog that sparks well deserved interest.

Robert said...

Ken, thanks to you for spotlighting my space here.

To put it in historical context, Lincoln suspended habeus corpus, and arrested many who did not support the war to include newspaper editors. I can't say that I would support that, but something msut be done to counter the treasonous behavior that is exhibited today.

For Congress to actually attempt to have a no confidence vote on the President and the troops is inconcievable. It goes beyond "aid and comfort" and i think is dangerously close to active participation, as it provides a strategy for the enemy to work around our strategy.

Brooke said...

Fantastic quote. There are quite a few Senators who should be expelled at the very least.

The foremost that comes to mind is Ted Kennedy, who is highly suspect of going behind Regan's back to speak with the Russians during the Cold War!

Traitors know no bounds.

mariestwocents said...

Oh how Brooke and I think alike!

Kennedy is probably the most dangerous Senator up there.

Murdering Bast*** that he is!

I dont know why the good people of Mass cant find ANYONE better qualified for Senator, I dare say even another Democrat, just NOT Kennedy!

About the Abe Lincoln quote, I have that also on a picture I throw up at the top of my blog sometimes with that Abe Lincoln quote I got from somewhere I cant remember with the Picture's attached to them of Senator's Kennedy and Kerry. Isnt it ironic that whoever made that picked those two senator's to attach to the quote?

Tells the story!

Anonymous said...

Just here to repectfully stir the pot Robert :)

Please consider the time in history, and the events that were unfolding when Lincoln made that statement. He was trying to preserve the union within a nation at war with itself.

I realize you did not attach it to any current, relevant events - just saying...ya know ;)

Now, sit down...I too agree with Brooke. Kennedy has been wasting air on the hill forever and the day. I am one liberal who could even handle seeing a conservative replace him, as long as he was replaced...just gone! One of the biggest time wasters in history - cheers!

Thank You :)

Robert said...

No thanks necessary BB, and stop with the being doesn't become

My point to the quote was that others who are smarter than I know/have known that there are negatives to the congress refusing to support the President and the nation.

Of course you want Kennedy to may be left leaning, but you aren't one of those fruity varieties. Kennedy lives jsut to be a Kennedy, and to stir the pot daily.

Are there any conservatives in Massachusetts? I thought they ran them out of there about 1800?

Dale said...

Of course there are negatives to the Congress not supporting the president and the nation. Problem is, in this current case, the president is off on his own track while the Congress and the public are clearly screaming at him that he is on the WRONG track. There are equally devastating consequences of a president IGNORING the wishes of the people of his own country.

Robert said...

Dale, the American people have no idea what track they want to be on. They don't want to concede defeat, yet they are tired of Americans dying. That is understandable, and none of us like to see dedicated warriors dying.

I expect leadership from the President. When Clinton went to Somalia, I thought it was a mistake. I supported him though, and decried those who pursued anti-Clinton rhetoric.

If there is an option other than running away, I would be happy to hear it. Unfortunately, the Congress is simply trying to quit. That is something that we can't accept, and I applaud the President for exerting the leadership that is needed.

Were it not for the shrill cries of the left, there would not be the cry of quiting from the public. you know as well as I that "Bubba" only knows what he sees on the nightly network news, if he even bothers to watch.

I just posted a topic. Take a gander. While I respect your comments and point of view, I simply disagree with your premise.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, this quote attributed to Lincoln is completely fabricated. You can get the whole story at and other such places. Cheers.

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