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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two Posts Today!

The GOP is determined to fall into a deep hole from which it could take decades to recover.

The party is trying to move to the middle. It wants those on the right of the right to move to the center. They have decided that we have become too right wing, and that the religious right has taken over the party. What in the name of all that is Holy are they thinking?

The party lost because they are NOT FAR ENOUGH RIGHT! The successes of Reagan have been forgotten, the roots of conservatism have slowly died, and the concept of fiscal responsibility was thrown out because they forgot where the money come from every year. The party must move RIGHT, far RIGHT, to recover from last month.

I hope that the power brokers in the party realize this soon. The philosophies of Gingrich, and the stands he takes on issues need to be the war cries of the GOP. We need someone conservative, backed by a conservative party, if we are going to regain control of common sense in this country.

Prepare now, work now, and be involved now. If you wait until 2008, it will be far to late for us.

5 Posts From Readers:

Obob said...

They are going to see how the Democrats do when they run for the left. If they stumble or fall, expect to see the Republicans stay in the middle. But if the GOP senses enough blood to go Right, expect the return of Reaganism

Obob said...

Are you having troubles posting on non-beta blogs?

Brooke said...

Go right, young man...

It's their only chance, IMO.

Santorum/Tancredo all the way!

Robert said...

What is IMO?

I don't think Santorum can do it after his defeat last month. Watch Romney..he is preparing hard, and jsut quiet enough that some aren't sure.

Gingrich is for me.

Obob, I was having trouble. What you have to do is go to a "comment" section, sighn in first with the new beta login, and then post.

I had trouble at first because I kept losing posts. They sure didn't make it a painless transition, did they?

Brooke said...

IMO: In my opinion.

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