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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hillary Clinton Will Guarantee A GOP Victory in '08

It is official. The democrat party will decide that they want to lose the '08 elections in a landslide. Of all the political goofs to make, this is a doosy.

The elections last month were not a political climate change. There was nothing about them that can be seen as a shift to the left. In fact, democrats have been saying the same thing for two years! How many times have you heard that it was a referendum on the President and on the Iraq policy? Now, of course, it has become a mandate for socialism.

I think not. Those in the middle, and those who left the GOP to "make a point" will NOT vote for Hillary. Far from it! Republicans and conservatives will band together and send her packing. She is far too liberal, despite the rhetoric and centrism that she espouses now. Just as the left will show their true leanings after January, she would do the same in the White House.

Gingrich, anyone?

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Brooke said...

I really don't think that Hillary will win the DNC nomination in '08.

No one on the right likes her, the far left dislikes her because she is becoming too centrist for their tastse...Hell, I'm surprised that the far-left feminazis will have anything to do with her after she allowed her husband to openly cuckold her.

The left will come up with someone else, but really, it'll be the same sort of candidate, just slightly less tarnished.

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