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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The "Torture" Debate Continues

There is a video posted here, at least it is there today. I was a segment from O'Reilly last night, interviewing the ABC Chief News Correspondent Brian Ross. It seems as if our interrogation methods have broken 14 terrorists, including the big catches.

Even if you don't like it, watch it and get the other side of the debate. That is something we try to do here, unlike other places who seem to be a gathering of like minded folks who are angered when someone enters their realm with a counter opinion.

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

ABC has all the credibility of Fox News AND Bush, right now. Sorry, but I won't be watching anything from the house organ.

The Beltway B@stard said...

I know where you stepped, I didn't comment, but come on - what do you expect when you step through the door on the left.

I've been treated similar when stepping through the door on the right, and no I won't say where so as to not promote them.

Mob mentality is human nature, no matter which door you knock on. Your blog is among the few even tempered one's when it comes to dealing with the other side.

I have to agree with Future. I have also heard that it is very possible the CIA forced the Presidents hand on shutting down some of the illegal prison/interrogation centers around the world, because they were fearful of back-lash themselves.

If you sign on with the Geneva Convention, you follow through with the agreement you signed up for. Again, anything else, I/the public need not know about.

Robert said...

I know when I am stepping into "enemy territory" and am learning that despite the wonderous potential of the internet, too many people, in my opinion, simply seek out others who have the same mindset as they and don't really want to debate or discuss.

Those who visit here, as a general rule, disagree with me most of the timeto some degree. However, I think those of us who discuss here, and those whose blogs I visit, tend to be more objective. I wish we could have debates such as these evrywhere, and then we might get somewhere.

I have my opinions. I don't troll, I don't put them out there without some explanation, and I don't visit just to stir up stuff.

The CIA needs some house cleaning. I agree that we don't need to know many things. However, the CIA seems to release information damaging not jsut to the President, but to the country.

The Beltway B@stard said...

The CIA needs to go back to what it was, foreign espionage, and no longer be rolled up in the DHS.

The CIA just doesn't strike the same fear it used to - especially when they are spilling the beans around every corner.

betmo said...

perhaps they are spilling the beans in order to save the shreds of democracy that america has left.

Robert said...

Right. Did Clinton tell you that while he was not inhaling? Or was it when he tried so hard to get bin Laden? Maybe it came from the rabbit that attacked Carter....Or, maybe it was in Marilyn's diary, right after the 3some with Robert and John.

I get so confused by the left when they say stupid things...Forgive me.

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