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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Have About Had it With Cowards

I try to be reasonable.  I would not ever say that I am a middle of the roader, because I believe that if you are in the middle of the road you will get hit from both ways.  But I try to objectively look at issues albeit from a conservative point of view.

I am about to the point, however, of being aggressively stubborn and down right obnoxious about a few issues.  The one that gets my goat today is actually an old story but it has resurrected recently and is an abomination.

The German government released a disgusting excuse for a human being-see link-which the US has been attempting to prosecute for more than a decade. This terrorist killed an American sailor and got away with it.  The Germans released this guy and now he has rejoined Hezbollah.

So let me tell you the whole story and the amazing level of cowardice by all involved. A terrorist hijacked a plane full of innocent people.  He killed a Navy diver and dumped his body from a plane on a tarmac.  He was caught, but the government who caught him refused to turn him over to the US for prosecution. Instead, they traded him for a German citizen who was kidnapped by other terrorists.  He has now joined other terrorists so that he can kill more people.

So, they chickened out and conceded to terrorists, in hopes that they would not do the things that they did to start the whole tawdry chain of events. So why should we debate over dealing with terrorist? None of them want territory or anything that they profess to be fighting for.  They simply want death, destruction, and an Islamic empire. The cold, hard fact is that the only way to stop them is to eliminate them.

We need a comprehensive, multi pronged approach. We should provide education, humanitarian assistance, strong support of moderate governments both overtly and covertly, and a strong military presence that doesn’t cut and run.  We should also tell the cowards around the world to go to hell if they won’t work with us.  The Germans are a prime example of allies we don’t want on our flanks because they don’t have the stomach for a moral fight.

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

".....counter the sociopathic idiocy of the left." Then you also wrote: "I try to be reasonable." "Reasonable" really is a subjective word, isn't it? I view the MOR'r not as one who's "hit from both sides", but rather one who can clearly see both sides of an issue sans the blinders of ideology. There's an old saying "I pissed everybody off. I must have done something right!" I clearly recall the incident you spoke of. The Germans acted in their own best self interests! Kinda like....say, showing the dead, mutilated bodies of Sadaam's Son's off to the Iraqi's for a few days? I know, I know - it was to "reassure" the people they were safe. It's not real hard to tell when you're safe. It's when the violence and killing stops. Showing off those bodies was not only stupid, sick, and immoral, it cost this country dearly in public image.

And where on God's earth did you ever get the misguided notion "this is a moral fight?" This is Religous Warfare, with all the usual rules - none.

I'm just trying to be "reasonable", you understand.:)

The Beltway B@stard said...

I give you the same respect you have shown me in the past, and keep my mouth shut.

Robert said...

You find some moral equivilence with murdering innocents and killing murderers? You do not believe that the west is on the right side of morality in fighting terrorism? Cowering in fear of terrorists is not even in the same realm of conversation as displaying some propoganda photos of people we killed that had lived entirely too long.

Cal it a crusade, call it religious warfare if you want....There is only one religion at the moment who believes that to practice it properly one must kill everyone who doesn't practice it. I for one encourage the deaths of these morons.

BB, bring it on! LOL. Forget the respect, because I am about to lose my respectful nature over this topic. Cowering in fear and compromising is weakness and will encourage them even more. (Did you notice I used a bad word in my post? Quite uncharacteristic....)

The Beltway B@stard said...

Robert, would we give up a terrorist wanted by the Germans, if his exchange would free an American? eff no! I beleive it would be one of those times that Bush would actually cave to public pressure if it meant the life of a another American could be saved.

How many civilians have died around the world already because of our crusade to counter their crusade. This terrorist will get his due at some point, via an American or Soviet made weapon - which is the true legacy of the matter.

I firmly believe much of why we are doing, what we are doing, is cooked information. I also beleive there has got to be more to this story, than what has been reported.

As for your bad word - rock on! I couldn't convince you to ramp it up a little could I? Or have I just achieved that with this post.

Deep breaths - remember you encourage opposing views ;)

Robert said...

Oh, Dear Friend, the bad words I use but never share......Remember, I was both a Marine and a Cop..I know ALL of them as well as every combination of

We shall discuss this later...I am ywaning and headed for bed....

Obob said...

It does start with education, the trouble is the "educated" leaders are in place. If we were to effectively teach our children the value of human life, I fear we will be short a few thousand because of the current leaders arrognace and lack of historical perspective. They look at the ballot box not the cradle. I have one in the cradle, do the math.

Laurie said...

Robert, I've been waiting well over 24 hours for your comment...I knew it was inevitable. I do believe, though, that had we not gotten that last-second flag, we might well have scored. That was an incredible game, and my blood pressure is still recuperating.

Robert said...

That last call will be one for the ages in this rivalry. My only comment is this: When I played football, my coach (back in the dys when coaches tried to mold men, not just win games) would tell us that you can't complain about a penalty in the last minute when you didn't do a thing right in the first 59 minutes.

It was a shame that either team had to lose that game. It was incredible, and my hats off to LSU - They beat each other up pretty good. The Auburn players said they were hurt to bad to celebrate, and they were going home and going to bed. Ahhh, the SEC...isn't it wonderful?

TM said...

Speaking of football, I just watched the move "Gridiron" last night. It was awesome.

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