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Monday, September 18, 2006

Bush's Has It Wrong At The U.N.

Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, is a wacko. Iran is pursuing nuclear arms, and more than that, pursuing a region of the world where they are the dominating influence. I won't bother with a historical overview of the country, mainly because no one listens, but suffice it to say that this is something that the world cannot tolerate.

Tomorrow, both President Bush and Ahmadinejad will be speaking to the U.N. but with opposite agendas. President Bush wants to persuade the world to initiate sanctions and to stand firm against their support of terrorism. Iran has American blood on it's hands, and we should assert to them our refusal to accept this continued state.

Bush's handlers have been making serious efforts to make sure that the scheduling is such that the two leaders don't come in contact while there. I think this is the wrong approach. Of course, the left would make an issue of the fact that the two shook hands somewhere down the road, but to hell with them.

In life, there is one quick way to take the measure of a man. Stand in front of him, look him in the eye, and shake his hand. It takes mere moments to know his basic character, and whether he will stand down when confronted. Bush should do this. He should give off the same swagger and confidence that he exhibited when he told he terrorists to "bring it on", and he should mean it. In fact, if he can get a chance to speak to him in private for a few minutes, he should tell him that when the first Geiger counter beeps in Iran, that he is breathing his last breathe.

Give the crazy a couple of days to stew. He would have been taking stock of Bush, and he knows that when the man says something he will follow through. Give him a call and work it out. Offer nuclear energy expertise. Offer them a nuclear reactor. They have every right to join the nuclear club. We just can't have them possessing nuclear weapons. Along with this should be the stipulation that they stop supporting terrorism. We must convince them to join the modern world, where building an empire is easier when you aren't riding a camel or horse and swinging a sword. The population of Iran would support these measures.

The time is now. This is a situation that can't wait, because many things hang in the balance. Cut through the nonsense, let the man know that he is in the short line to Allah, and make them go away.

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TM said...

Hmmmm, I see your point. But I think this is how Bush sees it. He sees himself as a lawman, or a sheriff, or a Chief of Police.

Would it be fitting for the Chief of Police to meet with one of the worst criminal kingpins in town at a fancy restaurant or the Elks Lodge to shake his hand, and to get a sense of what sort of man he is?

No, it would not. That criminal kingpin is still just that. A criminal kingpin. And deserves to be treated as such.

Did I just compare the president of Iraq to a criminal kingpin? Yes. Yes I did. But I think I was unfair to the criminal kingpins to make that comparison.

TM said...

Now it would be appropriate for the Chief of Police to slap the cuffs on after a long investigation / struggle. But that is not the situation we find ourselves in with Iran and their president.

Not yet, hopefully.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Bush won't shake his hand.

Because he and his Father have been kissing their ass for decades, for their oil! He wants another war.

Killing for Jesus, Killing for Jesus, I'm killing for Jesus now!! Come on...sing along. you know the tune.

Robert said...

Future my friend, give the 'ludes a

No one wants another war. Iran knows as well as we do that we could roll them over just like we did the Iraqi Army. Just because Bush (and America) is christian and they are not, does not mean that this is about religion on our part. THEY are the ones with fatwas and jihads. THEY are the ones who call for the deaths of infidels. I don't think that the Bible tells us to kill those who don't agree with us.

TM, I didn't mean that Bush needs to take stock of him, I meant that he needs to meet Bush and know that Bush means business. He already knows that we won't back down from our nuclear stance. Bush needs to show his resolve in person to make them think before refusing the world's requests.

Where have you been? You disappear for weeks on end......Stop by more often!

Robert said...

TM? Please stop insulting America's common criminals. There are standards, you know.

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