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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Updates, and Soon a New Feature

Ok, I apologize for the lack of posting for four days, but I have been putting in 12-14 hour days just at work, plus the teenagers and the little ones at home. There have been several things happen that have interested me, but I am way too tired at the moment. I will settle in this weekend.

Jon Benet Ramsey - At the moment, I don't think he did it. I think he is a nutcase and someone goofed. But, this is just my initial impression. It could be, and probably is, wrong. After all, my first impression was that I would make a good blogger.

The ignorant federal judge who issued a stay against the NSA. That won't stand long, and this will be quickly overturned. Geesh, morons.

Also, hopefully a new feature coming soon. A collaborative effort to present a new perspective, at least from what I have seen on blogs. Can't give you more details, but drop in often for updates. Hopefully it will occur sooner than later. I think you will enjoy the interesting content.

As always, keep dropping in, drop an email if you wish, but don't go away.

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The Beltway B@stard said...

Ramsey - agreed, nutcase. I wonder how many details are left, that the public doesn't know about. Whether he can give up any unknown details will decide if this is a case breaker or not.

The Stay against the NSA - Will be overturned, but it was a message to the public, that not everyone supports it. I see it for what it is and what it doesn't really do against us, privacy wise - but I also don't buy into what the media is always reporting it as - so I guess you could say I loosely support it.

A new feature *scratches head* - sounds interesting ;) We need to stop agreeing so damn much.

Robert said...

Everyone always gets all worked up over press reports when it comes to leaks. On FoxNews yesterday I heard a hilarious press conference by the Roswell, Ga PD, who was asked to do some manner of legwork on this case, and they had a press conference to blow their own horns about it. The botom line was that they didn't tell anything, they jsut wanted their city to know that they were important and followed some lead or something. They will look like idiots when it is discovered that Karr is innocent.

But, from the leaks, he has several things wrong, and they are major things. Plus, his wife says that he was at a family Christmas thing and I have even heard there are pictures. He just looks unstable. He does have a criminal record for child pornography, but nothing else. It is somewhat unusual for an offender of this nature, who allegedly committed a serious crime like this, to have no other convictions on his record. Plus, how int he world did he get a teaching job with a child porn conviction? Someone needs to investigate THAT.

From my perspective, I STRONGLY and COMPLETELY support the NSA program as it has been used.

The fact that we have agreed so much presents a conundrum - Am I becoming too liberal, are you becoming more conservative, or (gasp) do we both have some measure of common sense that transcends politics?

The Beltway B@stard said...

I've seen that before. A lot of times it's laziness on the part of the person who's supposed to submit the background check. It could also be the information he gave was not complete, which brings us back to the person doing the history check. Gotta check the checkers, so the deciders can decide (sorry, couldn't resist).

But ditto - if you work in any teaching position, you should be subject to a police style history check, minus maybe the interviews with family and friends. I admire anyone who teaches and don't think many would object to it, even though they would have to fill out a book.

Common sense could only work if it did transcend politics ;) I replied to your e-mail.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

You Wrote: "....The ignorant federal judge who issued a stay against the NSA."
Why is that judge "ignorant?" They ruled against wiretaps done without court approval. That is against the law, be you Dem, Conserv, or from the moon. On this planet, in this country, that is illegal. The President already has a secret rubber stamp court he can go to. Why didn't he this time? They don't drag their feet on decisions. They make them in minutes.

When court rulings are called "ignorant" for protecting our constitution and laws, we have bigger problems than what party is in office. As the Rumhead recently said to Senator Clinton; "My Goodness!"

Obob said...

as a teacher, my 7th year, i edorse strong background checks. too many scumbags slip by
as for the nsa ruling, it'll help in the end. it will be overtrurned, but it will help flush out the fencesitters/wafflers. plus the jdge was a clinton appointee

Robert said...

What we have, Future, are people who refuse to objectively and intellectually debate an argument. The NSA program is not a wiretap. A wiretap is when I listen in on a specific phone call in a specific location. The NSA program uses computers to monitor millions of phone calls a day, and filters them for further human analysis.

The Constitutional issues involving wiretapes center around the 4th Amendment. Search and seizure doesn't apply when there is no risk of losing liberties. Not a single person has been arrested or charged based on the NSA program. It simply directs law enforcement in a direction.

As I have said many times, no one cares who you slept with or what your kids did last night. I used the term ignorant because the judge used a political basis for a decisions, and not a legal one. It will be overturned as soon as it is brought before an appeals court.

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