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Monday, August 14, 2006

Everyone Knows About Haditha, But Do You Know About These Heroes?

There is no other word to describe them. It is too bad that they are not as well known as others, but there is no left wing media bias, right?

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Ellie said...

okay the left wing bias is the fact that when I click the link it switches me to fox news. hence, I didn't read the story being so disgusted I clicked back and headed again to your site.

I have no problems with heroes of war. and haditha was terrible. maybe I'll summon up the courage to brave fox news to read that article. :)

p.s. there's a post I'm thinking of putting up later on racial profiling and racism in general. I'm interested to hear your input. (depending on how much time i have...i may post tomorrow).

Robert said...

Ellie, FoxNews maybe a little bit to the right, but you can't tell me that there isn't a left wing bias in the press.

For this particular story, do a Google search for "Soldier Ride." There are 11,500,000 hits. I clicked through the first 10 pages of results, and other than FoxNews, there was not a single mainstream source with a report on this. There were some local newspapers, but not a single reference from ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN.

What in the world are you disgusted with FoxNews about? Just because you don't like their bent? I would think you would want to hear some stories like this one, instead of the same old "Bush Lied" stories.

The only soure I refuse to read is the NY Times. I would read them, but their record of plagiarism and fiction on the hard news pages is terrible. I never even know when its spin, or jsut a lie. So I pass on the Times, but I do try to read as many sources as I can.

It is just a news story. There is no spin, or anything puffing Bush. Besides, if you can't handle the other side, it doesn't show much confidence in your own opinions.

Nicho said...

The only soure I refuse to read is the NY Times. I would read them, but their record of plagiarism and fiction on the hard news pages is terrible. I never even know when its spin, or jsut a lie.

So, I take it you've given Coulter the ol' heave-ho? Based on that statement it would appear to be the intellectually honest thing to do...

In all seriousness (I will not begrudge your punditry), there is no left wing bias in the media. Can you find a liberal writer? Of course you can. But I can find a conservative writer. Hell, I can find a whole network of them.

The true bias in the media is laziness and pack mentality.

The story you point out illustrates this fairly well. FoxNews did a human interest story about how soldiers are recovering post-Iraq Quagmire. As with most human interest stories, no one else really picks up on them unless the party involved is a national phenomena. (See Entertainment section) This doesn't prove a liberal OR conservative bias, just a bias of "well, that's their tear-jerker...we'll come up with our own."

The sad fact is that media outlets, by and large, are own by corporations who have little interest in reporting real news because sensationalism sells like hotcakes. Who cares how many experts disageed with the Bush Doctine of Pre-emtpive War... we've got video of Madonna tongue-kissing Britney Spears!

Nicho said...

Addendum: You wanted a FoxNews story that will be covered by all of the networks? You may have gotten your wish.

That said, I hope that ends well and the kidnapped are returned home safely.

The Beltway B@stard said...

I braved FOX and read the story. News bias? Like CNN - Clinton News Network or MSNBC - My Source for National Biased Commentary ;)

BTW for Ellie (if you see this)- I can't make comments on your latest post. I had/have more to say than usual.

Robert said...

I have been way too busy at work the past week folks, so please forgice my lack of posting for a few days. 12 hour days are killing my leisure time.

Nicho, I wouldn't dare to insinuate that the example I gave should be applied inferentially. It is a human interest story, and thepoint I was making was that the LWMSM (left wing mainstream media) spends too much time trying to dig up scandals, and not enough time reporting onjective and factual news. They have forgotten that there are facts to every story, and that they can be delivered without spin. I recall what I know about the media and WWII. They were pro-American, and did their part in the war effort. Even Hollywood supported the effort. Today, it is the opposite. They choose to run Haditha to death, when nothing but an allegation was made, but don't seem to report on the heroes and the quality of warriors that we have.

I am of the belief that Jason Blair and Ann Coulter cannot be compared. Coulter is a commentator. Blair was a reporter. One who uses spin in editorializing and bloviating (yeah, an O'Reilly word that I really like) is one thing. To create fiction and report it as hard news in irresponsible.

I will say this, not really in defense of Coulter, but I have had work published. I have also written several formal thesis on several topics. If you steal someone's ideas, that is wrong. But if you are using someone else's reference to a red Ford Taurus, then there are only so many ways to say red Ford Taurus. It is sometimes hard to adapt someone's thought into your own sometimes. And as for the citations, I too am guilty of forgetting a citation or two in my writing. Not on purpose, but simply forgetting to add quotations when I write to remind me to go back and give credit.

I am not defending her, as I don't really know exactly what the references were. I jsut know that there should be some intent component to a plagairism charge.

A good day to all....keep dropping in, and when I am free of my work burdens, I will comment on something else.

Ellie said...

beltway - sorry about that comments thing, not sure what's up with that. i'm going to try and fiddle around a little in the profile, if that doesn't work I may just make another post saying comments here or something.

why do I hate fox? don't even get me started.

I do like to hear the other side's opinion but with Fox if i'm getting my news from there I want to make sure it's true. If i read something on your blog that i disagree with I can comment and tell you that i disagree. however, I can yell at the tv screan all I like and even throw my coffee at it, but it won't make them consider the other opinion.

the NY Times used to be my news source. now I read the metro or amNY because its free, short, and the box is right where I get off the bus. I was kinda pissed off at the ny times over that SWIFT story but in general I find they are a very reliable news source. After I read that paper I learn a lot about what's going on all around the world, in business, science, tennis, and that's basically all I care about.

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