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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Elections In Mexico - What Does It Mean For Illegal Immigration?

The conservative candidate won the election in Mexico's presidential race, but he is the same party as current President Vincente Fox. Calderon, the President-Elect, has said that he wants a smoother relationship with America, and wants to find solutions to problems that will benefit both countries.

Immigration is one of the most important issues facing our country today. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 million illegal aliens from Mexico reside in the U.S., and this state cannot continue. Forget the cliche about America being a melting pot. The concept meant that Americans are mutts - made up of every nationality on earth. People from other countries came here to make their lives better, not make better wages to make their home country better.

Ignoring for the moment the very real security threat to unsecure borders, we must stop this tide of illegals from entering the country. America must welcome immigrants, but they must lawfully meet the requirements to come here. Hopefully, Calderon will see this as a necessity also, and some cooperation is on the horizon.

On a personal note, it is my anniversary today. My wife has endured many things throughout our marriage, including the rough financial spots we all endure, a job that has taken me from home for long stretches of time, and my tempermental moments that seem to affect the entire household. Despite all of this, we have enjoyed many years of friendship and adventure. Hopefully, there are many years of discovery ahead of us as well.

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Ellie said...

thanks for visiting my site. I love your choice of layout ;)

I pretty much agree with you on immigration (didn't think we could agree on anything when i first headed over here. lol) I like the whole melting pot idea though. However those people were legal. It is unfair to the immigrants entering our country legally and also to the American workers that are being cheated out of jobs. I was actually pulling for the other guy in the Mexico election, but if Calderon is willing to work on immigration he might not be so bad after all. we'll see...

kind of late, but happy anniversary!! :)

Robert said...

THank you Ellie....Please come back often. I have added yours to my list of daily blogrolling.

Debate and coutnerpoints are the entire reason I even post. Please comment however you like, and I look forward to the diversity of opinion.

I think you will find, along with Laurie and Nicho, that we can engage in onjective, reasonable conversations here...if you don't know them, they are linked on my list.

Robert said...

Regarding the layout....GMTA

Robert said...

Please also notice that I type like a three toed tree sloth.....I have got to learn to preview and speccl check before I submit

Ellie said...

thank you for the add. I am adding you as well. I appreciate the debate, especially when it is respectful and intellectual. I like learning what other people are thinking and why they are thinking it.

as for the spelling, I need a little help there myself. spell check is my best friend...well after coffee. :)

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