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Monday, July 10, 2006

Slow Posting The Last Week

I must issue an apology for my two dedicated, daily readers...It has been a slow week for my posting. Real life has interfered, and I haven't had much time.

I have been swamped at work, and in addition, I do some consulting on my own. I have been way behind on a deadline, and still am not caught up. Added to all of that was my anniversary and my daughter's birthday party over the weekend.

Daddy's little girl turned 7 last week, and it was her first birthday party that wasn't just family. I guess if you are parent you can understand the emotions that go along with a child growing up and I don't have to explain. If you aren't a parent, then I couldn't find the words anyway. Suffice it to say that before I know it, she will be dating and leaving home, and I will still be teary eyed over her first birthday party wondering how long I was in a coma.

There hasn't really been anything happening that has drawn my attention as far as posting. A big welcome to Ellie who says she is going to drop in daily, and of course Nicho is always lurking about. TM has vanished, and I hope all is well with him. If you haven't already seen Ellie's blog, drop in and have a look. She is definitely left leaning, but she seems to have a reasonable state of mind, and she enjoys the point-counterpoint debate that we all seem to thrive upon.

I was asked why I link so many left leaning blogs instead of sending conservatives to like-minded pages. As I peruse the lib blogs that I like, I see nothing but left wing links. I guess the answer is that I presume those who are conservative and want nothing but conservative thoughts can find plenty of friendly material on their own and their is no need for me to link it. I personally don't need a bunch of cheerleaders for my thought, and prefer to spend my time reading those with opposing viewpoints that are reasonable and relatively objective. So, when I come across someone who posts thoughtful debate topics, and are at least open to having my counter-points posted, I link them to make it easy for those who are also looking for that type of site.

Have a great day!

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Ellie said...

thanks for the props!! and yes I really do enjoy that point-counterpoint debate. I think it's important to visit blogs leaning to the other side, after all how else could you make sure that you haven't overlooked any points in your consideration of the topic. happy birthday to your little girl!!

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