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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Political Correctness and Weakness Will Destroy Us

I get so angry about the political correctness and the weak mindedness of people that I could scream. The left in this country is afraid. They are afraid of standing up to things that are wrong, of course, unless it is to fight against saving human life whem some try to make abortion illegal. The libs don't mind killing fetuses because they can win that one without much effort.

A US ARMY GENERAL, Brig. General Richard Formica said the following "...was unnecessary and inconsistent with the principles of dignity and respect". This was in reference to the fact that we actually fed some detainees bread and water for 17 days. TRAVESTY! They were subjected to loud music! Oh, the shameful acts of America! Wait, get this....they actually lowered the temperature to make detainees cold! Can you imagine the torture and abuse it is to actually be cold! It is ok that they killed Americans, it is ok that they strap bombs to 13 year old girls and kill women and children...but it is inhumane that we feed them bread and water while they are a bit uncomfortable. We should respect them as human beings...pass the peace pipe and let the free love begin.

What happened to men like Marine General Chesty Puller? What happened to a country that would take on the toughest challengers without breaking? In 1950 at a place called the Chosin Reservoir in Korea, the 1st Marine Division consisting of about 100,000 Marines, was surrounded by 800,000 N. Koreans and Chinese troops. Were we worried about respecting them? Were we worried because they might be cold? HELL NO! When a reporter said to him, "General, you have Chinese in front of you, to your rear, to your left, and to your right. What are you going to do now?" Puller's response was "The bastards won't get awat this time!" Puller and his Marines whipped the N. Koreans and Chinese all the way back to Pusan, and this is one of the greatest Marine Corps victories ever. In WWI, as United States Marines were getting to Paris, the French troops were retreating (go figure). As they passed the Marines, the French told them to run because the Germans were taking Paris. The Marine commander (the name escapes me at the moment, but I will remember later) said "Retreat hell, we just got here!" The Marine Regiment then proceeded to save Paris, earning from the Germans the nickname teufel hunden or Devildogs, at Belleau Wood, outside Paris for their tenacity and fierceness in battle.

If you haven't heard, there are Pentagon reports on detainee abuses that have been released. They found "wrong' activity, but nothing illegal. I don't see anything that happened that is wrong! For you who are living in never-never land, and want a lack of war everywhere (a lack of war isn't the same thing as peace. Peace is a status that follows a victory)....WAKE UP! It isn't going to happen, and just like a schoolyard bully, the more crap you take the worse you will be picked on.

Mercy should be reserved for honorable enemies. Cowards shouldn't whine when they get what they have coming.

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