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Monday, January 30, 2006

Dems need more airtime

Anyone hear Sen. Edward Kennedy today? Someone really should water down his before breakfast scotch. The absolutly hysterical monologue today was something to behold.

Then there is Howard Dean, Randi Rhodes, Al Franken, Michael Moore...Does the left really think people are buying all of the hate and discontent? Most Americans want to see a more civil process, and two parties mean two ideas and approaches. Unfortunately, we have one party who says "A", and then the other says "no, not only no but hell no, and not only hell no but can we impeach this guy because he lied?" What a joke. Last time I checked, they had a president who committed perjury, and they can do nothing but scream impeachment because the President is actually working to defend America and not apologizing for it. The entire GOP should make some notes about that....

So, we need to give the Dems as much airtime as we can afford. I hope that they continue to preach exactly what they have been espousing as loud, and as often as they can. It would be nice to see a 65 seat majority in the Senate, and Bill Frist or Allen in the White House.

So much for a filibuster, and thank you to the 4 dems (I think four, I missed the final count) who stood with common sense and the Constitution and voted to end cloture. I hope they will also vote in the affirmative tomorrow morning at 1100. Bill Pryor to fill the next seat?

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