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Friday, January 27, 2006

The President does it again

Just when you think you are about to pull one over on your arch enemy-You peek around the wall to watch it happen-and hear him laugh from behind you! The President has done it once gain to the Dems, and it has been fun to watch.

The NSA terrorism surveillance program is beyond the capacity of the Dems to understand. Perhaps they should just stick with sticking flowers in the barrels of National Guard troops...But that won't work either, because so many of our valiant volunteers are in Iraq, and you wouldn't catch any of these whiney, crybaby, yellow bellied Dems anywhere near a war zone. I think they must all be of French lineage. I digress - The majority of the people view the NSA story as either a non-story with toleration for national security, or they view it as a good thing for national security. It is the national security part that confuses the Dems.

So now the President is out and about extolling the virtues of his program. Well, it isn't his program, the NSA has been conducting this type of surveillance for decades, but you get my drift. He has outmaneuvered them again. They thought "Surely THIS will be the one to give our power back." They just don't get the fact that most people (with the exception of the Northeast and California) don't want them being in charge of anything!

2006 will be a fun year to watch....Could the GOP really gain 6 seats? Stay tuned....

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