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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Saudis Are An Unappreciative Bunch Of Bastards

Since they refuse to increase oil production and let us suffer in misery. Perhaps not misery, but in discomfort at least.

It is YOUR fault too, but collectively it is the fault of the people who elect the 535 morons we have in the Senate and House. We have tens of billions of barrels of oil within reach...ANWR, the continental shelf, the coast of Florida, and further in the Gulf. But guess what? Your boneheaded senator and representative---yes YOURS, not just the guy in Cali or Texas or Massachusetts--YOUR incumbent, has decided that it is in the best interest of our nation to pay other countries to send us oil. They have decided that you should pay $5 a gallon for gas. They have decided that you are too stupid and they too intelligent and they have to decide what you need.

Aren't you fed up with it? The Saudis bring oil out of the ground for $1.50 a barrel and sell it today for $127. They produce 9.4 million barrels of oil per day. You do the math. They are sitting and laughing their camel riding asses off at us every day because we have oil under our feet yet give money and lives and tether our economy to their lazy pathetic country. They think we are foolish while they buy our military protection and pretend to be our friends. Withdraw from Iraq and Kuwait and see how fast the goat herding bastards start pumping oil and begging for protection.

YOU should be embarrassed, as I am, that the President of the United States was forced by the liberals in this country to beg Saudi Arabia for cheaper oil. We need a comprehensive strategy, much as I have defined, and we need it twenty years ago. I want them to drown in oil, and leave them high and dry and pop some popcorn to watch those wretched countries feed on themselves.

Feed 'em fish heads, BB.

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rockync said...

"We need a comprehensive strategy, much as I have defined, and we need it twenty years ago."
And therein lies the problem, although I'd say more like 30 years ago after the last oil crisis when we were waiting in gas lines on odd or even days.
The thing is, with all our technological capabilities and the emerging bio-physics we should be saying good-bye to the good ole combustion engine and traveling in safer, cleaner transportation. If we open the flood gates in the US and pump oil out of every area, including ANWR, build new refineries and flood the market while throwing a boat load of money at researchers involved in new fuel/energy sources, we would have a more efficient, cheaper way of traveling, living, cooking, etc in ten years time.
But this is not about advancing technology and improving our world. This is about the few who own the companies and the stocks that make their money off of oil. That includes quite a few government officials, both former and present. So, by sloshing the blame back and forth, they all hope to divert our attention from their own complicity in this current oil crisis.

Shaw said...

rockync is correct.

Don't blame the Democrats on this.

We Americans need to understand that we can't continue to guzzle oil at the rates we continue to guzzle.

We are fools. Why did we let the stupid car manufacturers build Hummers? Gas guzzling behemouths!

We're spoiled rotten brats who use 25% of the world's energy resources with 5% of the world's population.

And that means Democrats AND Republicans.

Let's stop this inane blaming each other.

We are all responsible for where we are. For thinking we could continue our drunken oil spree and not have to pay a price for our greed.

Drilling anywhere in this country won't get us any relief, since it would take at least 10 years to refine whatever we can squeeze out of the land.

We have to conserve. And find other means for energy.

We need fuel efficient cars that get 45 to 50 miles per gallon.

We are spoiled brats who think the world revolves around what we need.

China and India will disabuse us of that selfish idea.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Do you know what they said 10 years ago? That it would take ten years so why bother doing it? They said it ten years before that as well.

I could care less that we use 25% if the world's energy resources. Thee is energy to me manufactured, but the dems tied to the environmental nutcase movement precludes us from building nuclear power plants. Nuc power means less oil to make electricity, less oil for electricity means more oil for consumption in other areas. Not to mention it is clean and cheap. I could care less about a drunken oil spree. What I care about is self-reliance.

We do need to find other means for energy, but that doesn;t do us any good today. What happened 20-30 years ago is that the left wing needed a new constituency so they saddled up to the enviro crowd. Now the left wants to blame Bush because gas prices are high?

The GOP is to blame too. After all, we held all three branches of governemtn for years and failed to open ANWR and lift restrictions on refineries and nuc power.


We have tens of billions of barrels of oil within reach...ANWR, the continental shelf, the coast of Florida, and further in the Gulf.

From where do you get your facts? Marvell Comic Books? I have read these assertions from you before but have found not one shred of evidence to support this claim. If you want to be credible, please provide citations from reputable sources and bring a respectable level of academic rigor to this discussion. Otherwise, your comments about the energy shortage are merely laughable. Facts that you conveniently ignore:

* Worldwide energy reserves (including Saudi and Gulf state reserves) are declining
* Worldwide demand for energy (including China and India) will double within the next 10 years
* China alone will have 400 million new cars on the road within the next 10 years
* Even at $4/gallon, U.S. retail energy costs are a third of what Europeans pay at the pump
* During the 1980s and 90s, OPEC maintained their monopoly by keeping gas prices artificially low to discourage new energy R&D investment
* The U.S. petroleum industry protects its $20 trillion infrastructure investment by discouraging public support of competing technologies
* Democrat and Republican administrations combined (including the current one) have ignored this problem; yet your partisan rants bring no more clarity to the subject than a kid having a temper tantrum.

And even if your lame assertions were true, increased production and consumption of hydrocarbon-based energy products will only aggravate and further exacerbate the problem of global climate change. You really need to rethink your comments starting with better scholarship.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Eco, your tone is somewhat confrontational. I understand your zeal for environmental causes, but geeeesh, de-stress a bit.

But since you mentioned Marvel Comics, then riddle me this, Captain Obvious:

If indeed “Worldwide energy reserves (including Saudi and Gulf state reserves) are declining” (which of course they are because obviously every barrel pumped decreases the reserve)
AND “Worldwide demand for energy (including China and India) will double within the next 10 years”
AND “China alone will have 400 million new cars on the road within the next 10 years”
AND “During the 1980s and 90s, OPEC maintained their monopoly by keeping gas prices artificially low to discourage new energy R&D investment”
Then why the holy hell would we not pump our own oil and become more self-sufficient?

And another one for Algore: What does this “Even at $4/gallon, U.S. retail energy costs are a third of what Europeans pay at the pump” have to do with anything? I could care less if the Europeans are paying a thousand buck a gallon. I am concerned about MY country being held hostage because we refuse to be energy independent.

If I hear the expression “global climate change” (which has been modified from global warming because you guys are taking it in the shorts with the founder of the internet babbling on with so many outright lies on the issue) one more time I think I will emit my own toxins in the form of vomited Chicken Quesadilla, which is what I had for lunch. Everyone is concerned about our quality of life, but we live in the real world. You guys are hurting your cause because you won’t realistically face the solutions. The first one is to get over your obstruction to the burning of oil because like it or not it is the fuel for our economy and everything manufactured in the last, say, 100 years?! I would gladly burn coffee beans to cool my house. I would gladly pump water into my car tank to drive to work. Heat my home and water? Hell, go out and capture cow flatulence in mason jars for all I care. I will quite readily accept new technologies and new energy sources. But it isn’t happening anytime soon, and in the meantime we have to carry on with life.

And Eco, if you look at the description at the top of my blog, you will find that it says NOTHING about being a research site for every issue on which I post. I, sir, am a man of letters published in my field and capable of both conducting research and citing the works of others. I choose if and when I provide you with sources of information, but in this case I am going to provide a couple of things for you that don’t even come from FoxNews.

Reston, VA - North Dakota and Montana have an estimated 3.0 to 4.3 billion barrels of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil in an area known as the Bakken Formation.
A U.S. Geological Survey assessment, released April 10, shows a 25-fold increase in the amount of oil that can be recovered compared to the agency's 1995 estimate of 151 million barrels of oil.

WASHINGTON - A trio of oil companies led by Chevron Corp. has tapped a petroleum pool deep beneath the Gulf of Mexico that could boost the nation’s reserves by more than 50 percent. A test well indicates it could be the biggest new domestic oil discovery since Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay a generation ago.

rockync said...

Robert, my main contention is even though left and right have been quick to blame each other over the last thirty years, I think it's just a lot of smoke and mirrors and given how many are making a tidy sum off oil shares, etc, there is little incentive on either side to actually do something meaningful and cost effective. I think Bush, like all others before him is simply going through the motions all the while praying under his breath, along with his constituents, "Say no, please,dear God, make them say no!"
Just for the record and I've probably stated this before - I am independent, refusing to march in lockstep with any party. I have some conservative values but tend to have liberal sensibilities. I'm sure you will think of that as an oxymoron, but I think that some liberal thought can be as sensible as some conservative ideas. By the same token, each side can have some pretty nonsensical ideas.
While I believe that "global warming" is a cyclical event for our earth, I see no reason not to take care of Mother Earth. Even dogs know better than to do-do where they sleep. So why not clean up our messes and conserve energy and find something better and cleaner than fossil fuel?

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Rocky, there is nothing I have ever said that would lead anyone to believe that I hae no sense of value for our world and our environment. In fact, I think I would describe myself as a conservationist, and certainly not an environmentalist.

I believe in leaving no trace in the woods when I am with my scout pack. I believe in turning off my lights and planning trips to be responsible with gas. I think we should find new energy ideas and processes and get away from this dependence on any oil. I think we have the minds and the resources and the money as a nation to succeed before anyone else.

In the meantime, since we are going to burn oil, why aren't we burning OUR oil, building OUR nuclear power plants, and increasing our mass transit capabilities while we wait?

I do not find your political leanings, or lack thereof, to be oxymoronic. I am conservative, yet annually I join the effort to clean the Cahaba River which is a major source of drinking water for my county. This year we cleaned seven miles of it, and I was right there wet and cold in a canoe.

We recycle. My wife is a designer and uses organic products and natural materials wherever possible. I find your politcal thoughts honest and realistic. And to be honest I find them consistent and refreshing. You are a value added to my house and I hope you will contine to comment for years to come!

rockync said...

Oh, Robert, sorry, that wasn't meant for you personally. I would never comment on your blog by taking inaccurate pot shots at you. That was meant to be a general observation that we as a human race,whether we believe in global warming or not, certainly can all get behind sensible conservation and preservation. In fact you folks sound like you do a much better job than I do.
I'm all for pumping oil and building refineries and dumping the price of gas into the toilet, but at the same time, equal time, money and effort must go into developing more efficient, cleaner renewable fuel sources and it is time to say goodbye to the combustion engine.
I think your original post addressed the uncooperative democrats and poor Prez Bush begging for a break in Saudi Arabia. If you read the beginning of my last comment, I believe that is perhaps where you and I actually disagree.

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