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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Race In Politics - Is The Dynamic Changing?

We are all familiar with the media frenzy over Obama's church pastor and some of the comments that he has made. I won't rehash it here but a comment by Al Sharpton of all people gave me pause to consider a changing paradigm in the politics of race.

He was asked a question yesterday regarding the early reluctance of black America (I use the term for the purpose of this post and it is not necesarily my perspective on how we should define groups - Go with it here) to support Obama. Sharpton said that it was because people didn't know him, but now that his policies and ideas were being made known that black America is supporting him. He also said that it was a backlash against the race issues that Hillary inserted into the campaign.

Traditionally, the issue of race was used to gain support. Candidate A would point out something about the Candidate B that black America should be concerned about, and that gained Candidate A traction and support. It appears in this case that instead of being concerned about the issues that the backlash is against the person who inserted race into the campaign. Quite different than it normally works. Are we facing a change in the pattern of racial politics?

I would encourage this change. Of course, there is a dynamic here that has never been seen in politics - a woman and a black man. The politics of race may have changed because of this, but regardless of the reason, I am glad to see that people may finally be tired of the old style politics that is irritating and irrelevant in most cases. We should view ourselves as Americans, and while I know that there are entirely too many people in this country who still view race as an issue, the fact that there is a viable and potential black man as President should advance our society significantly.

Your take on this?

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Unfortunatly as long as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the like are around the race issue will continue to follow the usual patterns.

This combined with the long standing policy of Democrats as a whole in keeping blacks dependant on Government as a means of securing them as a voting blick will, again unfortunatly, keep the race card and issue as it has been for the last 40 years.

rockync said...

A thoughtful and intelligent post, Robert. I couldn't agree more. Race is a four letter word and should be right up there with the "eff" word and several other four letter words. "Race" divides us. "Race" indicates a separation as if some people come from Saturn and others come from Mars. We were all born on this Earth and belong to only one "race" - the Human Race. Our differences lie in our ethniticity. All of us in this country (with the exception of the native people) are from "some place else." I am proud of my heritage and have shown my children the traditions, foods and language of their ancestry. I think we should all embrace our ethnic origins; it makes for a much more colorful and interesting country. Our origins are important but should never that the place of our first obligation - to be good Americans.
"sigh" perhaps one day we can all act like adults and move past this tiresome issue.

Shaw said...


I'm not exactly sure of what race is in the context of this issue.

Barack Obama is half white. He is as much of a white person as he is a black person--except for the shameful way this country designated who would be considered black, Negro. The "one drop" designation. If an American had "one drop" of Negro blood, he/she was considered black. So even though Barack is half and half, he's black--and I understand that he himself has made that choice. But could he have been accepted as a white? With the color of his skin? So, then again, I'm not sure he really had a choice.

Given all of this, I, too, wish we could truly, truly, arrive at what Dr. King wished for us Americans: to judge a person for the content of his/her character, not the color of his/her skin.

It is perfectly legitimate to disagree with Senator Obama on political philosophy. He is a liberal, afterall, and, therefore, not a savory candidate for conservatives. But I believe (ardently) that the conservatives problems with him is his philosophy, i.e., that he is a liberal, and NOT that he is one half black.

I HAVE to believe this. Otherwise, I fear for my country, my children, and my grandchildren.

Marie's Two Cents said...

We may be ready for some changes, but changes to HATE SPEECH?


This is like going back to the
'60's only in 2008!

I'm not buying any of this bullshit!

Barack Obama know's exactly what his pastor has been saying for the last 20 years.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Liar!

This idiotic speech didnt make any difference today.

It really shows Obama has no business being Commander-In-Cheif!

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Shaw, thanks for dropping have been conspicously absent.

I agree that conservatives have a problem with his policies, and I have not heard a word from anyone - even here in Alabama - about his race as a deciding factor in an election.

Which was my greater point, that this is unusual in and of itself. Not too long ago the liberal mantra was that racism existed in every corner of our country and that black Americans were never considered equal. I find the candidacy of Obama refreshing and monumental, despite my disgust at his far left perspective. As one who had endured a culture of race my entire life in the Heart of Dixie, I am heartened and gratified to see that a black American is considred a viable and positive candidate.

I, too, would like to see our country living as Dr. King desired...

Anonymous said...

Robert - Wow. Great post! I think I'll link it in an upcoming post - In my own demented sort of way ;)

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

I would expect no less, sir. The demented part, that is.

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