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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Lesson For The GOP

This isn't the post I promised rockync, but it is what you get today. It has been a busy week at work, I have 3 nights of scouting ahead of me, and I had to spend several hours with my daughter in an emergency room situation. She is fine. She had her hand slammed in the door at school the other day and we just new that she had a broken hand. About the time the X-rays were taken she said she felt better and wanted Mexican for dinner. Nothing broken and a couple of days with some Tylenol and she is good as new.

Romney won Michigan last night, and there is something the GOP needs to take away from this primary. Conservative and GOP voters are begging for someone to take charge, and that person needs to be conservative. I don't mean to proclaim conservative, I mean Reagan-like in his/her conservatism.

Huck won Iowa with his social and religious views. McCain won New Hampshire with his fiscal views and his ability to play the middle. Romney won Michigan for his business and middle-class message. What does that tell us? it tells us that there are several constituencies within the GOP, and they all have a perspective that is important to them. It tells us that there is a wide variety of conservatives who are wanting someone to wrap all of those messages and philosophies into one package. We need someone who give each of these various constituencies what they need. Not what they want to hear, but what they need.

I have posted many times about how the GOP has squandered their chance between 1994 and 2004. I posted last week about the most important issues to me. Since change is the catchword of this electoral cycle, I think a true conservative would be a substantial change from what we have had since 1988.

Why can the GOP not get this message?

Edit: Go to Heidi's Place at Big Girl Pants for this outstanding post about comparing GOP candidates to views on Federalism. It is a good read.

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Michigan proved that this nomination is really up for grabs. I still believe it will go to the Convention and there will be at least three left in the mix at that time.

Fred is coming on strong here in SC so and a win is still very possible for him here. That will really shake things up!

rockync said...

Personally, I can't say I'm happy with the candidates on either side. I'm beginning to think that anyone who would be a mature, responsible and knowledgable candidate is just too smart to run for president.

Anonymous said...

How Can any conservative vote for Romney?

He was listed as one of the top ten Republicans in Name Only by Human Events Magazine.

What will he be after the primary?

And would he be another George Bush if he gets elected?

Obob said...

I like Fred, he is the best conservative out there. Is he electable, not at the rate he is going. But he has meat not fluff

Shaw said...


Here are the latest polls. Your guy Thompson doesn't look too strong.

McCain leads Huckabee by two points, 27%-25%, which is within the survey’s 5% margin of error. They’re followed by Mitt Romney at 15%, Fred Thompson at 13%, Ron Paul at 6%, and Rudy Giuliani at 5%. Eight percent say they’re undecided.

In the Democratic contest, Barack Obama has a nine-point lead over Hillary Clinton, 40%-31%, with John Edwards -- who won this state in 2004 -- at 13%. Fifteen percent say they’re undecided. The largest chunks of undecided voters are women and African-Americans, which could be a boon to either Clinton or Obama.


rockync said...

Thanks, Shaw. I don't really hold much stock in the polls when we get to election day, but it's always interesting to follow the leanings of our fellow Americans. I'm in the undecided group, but since I register Independent, I can go either way. I believe this one is going to take a lot of thought and research. This election just seems so much more critical.

Shaw said...

Well the Patriotswon the AFC Championship and are going to the Super Bowl!

I'm so depressed. I don't know what to do.

I can't take all this success. As a Boston sports fan, I'm more used to being a loser.

Now what do I do?

Can Auburn winner help me out here?

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

The secret is to accept success. hard to do, I know. Just as the GOP after finally winning in 1994. They had no clue what to do as

It took Auburn a while to get used to success and 11-0 seasons. Actually, it has its downside also. After a while you get spoiled, and some people start expecting perfection. You have to learn to balance the joy with reality.


Hi Robert, my apologies for being away so long. My daughter Jennifer returned home on a mid-deployment leave, and so I' ve been spending what little precious time is availble with her. She returns in early February.

Tonight, I have a thought to share with you, a rather partisan, but actually non-partisan, thought. I have been perusing liberal and conservative blogs alike to get a sense of prevailing opinion, i.e., neither are 100% happy with their choices but each wants a win for their respective sides.

With respect to the opposing party, each wants the weakest of all possible candidates so that the home team has the greatest chance to win.

In my mind, I would encourage an opposite strategy. No, I am not merely being contrarian. In this volatile election, anything can happen, and one may not get what one wishes for (do we ever in life?). So I would advise picking a candidate, not just in the party of your choice, but in the opposing party as well, a candidate with whom you are more comfortable.

Why? Because, if the opposing party wins, you will be living with this candidate for a long time, and you might as well have one whom you can accept above all others. That is the logic behind this view.

So what I am saying is: Choose your best candidate from your party of choice, but also hope for the least objectionable candidate from the other party. Make sense? Or are you going to throw darts at me?

Aw, come on, don't be shy.

Obob said...

robert, I hope you dont mind I say something to each, not my usual MO.
eco - What about lawn darts? Maybe we could get on Jackass.
The reason each party would prefer the weaker candidate is the lack of confidence is their own. I see that for the majority of each party members. Me, I am a Fred head and want him aganist either Hill or Obama, I like the odds in debate. So, I may not fall into that camp.
Robert - thought about your out-door viewings of Auburn games with the Giants defeating the karl marx packers.
shaw - go pats. I want them to make the 72 dolphins fade away. Plus tom brady is a hunk


obob: The reason each party would prefer the weaker candidate is the lack of confidence is their own.

An interesting thought, one that did not occur to me. Let me ponder this for awhile.

Shaw said...


I'm not sure your guy's gonna get the nomination. It looks as thought McCain or Romney will. But who knows? There are many more primaries to get through.

As for me, my candidate is Senator Obama. Will he get the nomination? I. Have. No. Idea.

One thing I do know. I want our country to do well and to heal.

To heal.

And I want to be able to talk to conservatives, with whom I may differ, but with whom I share a country.



And I want to be able to talk to conservatives, with whom I may differ, but with whom I share a country.

Shaw, many thanks for your comment. I want to talk to conservatives too because, although there may differences of opinion, they are also my friends.

Obob said...

of course we are supposed to talk, that's the heart of a democracy. If we are a country made up of liberals(I shudder) or conservatives(a little less shudder) it would boring and droll. Our Founding Fathers argued and bickered over petty and serious matters. It is our core.
The dialogue may get civil or rather impolite, but it is imperitive that there are differences. There are days I pick fights with my co-workers when I am bored. I will say the most insane things with the support a trivial fact just to argue, it's fun. And our faith needs to be tested. If there is no apple for temptation, they we would settle for oranges.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Obob, my house is yours. Speak to whomever, however you wish.

Eco, I am still waiting to hear your extended comments from the January 10 and 11 posts. Please comment at your leisure.

And I am gratified to hear that your daughter is well. Tell her it will be years before she no longer finds sand at the bottom of something. And once again, I am appreciative of her service.


Hi Robert. Done! I left a long comment on taxation two posts down under, "I Think I Am Alone This Political Year." Now for some sleep.

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