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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No Update Today

Actually, I guess by posting that I have no update today I do have an update today. Ok, so my title is misleading.

My update is that I will have no article today, because I have been swamped at work. My son has a baseball game tonight, and I have to teach in class tonight as well.

I will say that I don't know who is more pathetic - Michael Moore or Randi Rhodes.

I will have a piece tomorrow on Fred Thompson and the welfare state. Put me on your browser favorites and click it tomorrow!

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Hi Robert,

I just discovered your blog this evening, after following the exchange between you and Dora on the results of her ad hoc correlation. I agree with your comments about her methds, but I reserve being overly critical. She is after all a law student, not a specialist in the rigors of social research.

One interesting point I should add is that social researchers have noticed over the years a long-term inverse relationship between rates of abortion and crime statistics. They offer no hypothesis, nor will I, except to say that the correlation has met tests for statistical significance over a 20 year period. Nuff said.

My poitical affiliations tend to be eclectic, conservative on some issues, liberal on others. That said, I hope you will welcome me to your site in the hopes that we will have an interesting and mutually rewarding dialogue.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Sir, you are most welcome here with anything from vanilla to eclectic to eccentric views...Please visit often and you will find an open environment - contentious at times, light and humorous at others.

Regardless of the topic, the far majority of conversations here are mature and intelligent, even if they tend to be partisan.

SOme nice pics at your place...I will visit often for new ones!


Many thanks, Robert. Now, I must return to Dora's site to complete a thought.


OK, I'm back. Robert, I really hope a time will come when conservatives and liberals alike will stop calling each names and engage in that traditional art of American politics called "compromise and consensus," because there is so much that needs to get done. The impasse of recent years is jeopardizing our chances of survival.

That is why I look forward to coming here.

nanc said...

fyi - dora and ecofreak couldn't put together a two-hotdog picnic.

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